How to Look After Your Lash Extension Tweezers

If you’ve recently purchased some brand new tweezers – AKA a Lash Artist’s second pair of hands when it comes to eyelash extensions, now is a great time to think about how you’re going to take proper care of them. Taking good care of your lash extensions tweezers is paramount to your success as a Lash Tech. Keeping them clean and storing them properly not only prevents them from tarnishing or getting damaged between clients, but also ensures that your clients will be kept safe and healthy as your tools are being fully cleaned between treatments, meaning that if any client has an illness such as conjunctivitis that you are unaware of, you will not risk passing it on to your next clients. With that in mind, let’s discuss how to take care of your tweezers.

Lash Application on Model


Storing your Lash Tweezers is a priority we take very seriously at London Lash, but one which is often overlooked. This is why we have curated different ways in which you can choose to store your tweezers, whether you’re a mobile Lash Tech, working from home, or you’ve worked hard to open up your own salon, fear not, we have a tweezer storage solution to suit you and your needs. 

If you’re someone who has only a few pairs of eyelash tweezers at your disposal, perhaps the Magnetic Tweezer Case is for you. This compact acrylic case is travel friendly, and suits the aesthetics of any lash beauty salon too. The magnetic lid adds to the sturdy nature of the case, as you don’t have to worry at all about hinges snapping, or bacteria building up in the hinges. Storing your tweezers has never been easier and safer.

Magnetic Tweezer Case with London Lash Tweezers for Lash Extensions

On the other hand, if you are a Lash Artist who works primarily from one location and has mastered skills which require different types of tweezers such as Isolation and Classic Tweezers, Volume Tweezers or Mega Volume Tweezers, then the Tweezer Holder will be a great fit for you. This keeps your tweezers safe and clean, whilst keeping them upright on your trolley between uses. By storing your tweezers with the tips facing upwards, you keep them safe from damage, and also ensure that they are free from dirt and bacteria, which cannot be said for leaving them on your trolley between uses. The clear acrylic lid prevents these things further, and displays them beautifully.

Lastly, you may already have a large lash extensions kit which requires organisation. Why not check out our Lash Storage Organiser which is amazing for Techs who desire a storage unit fit for display with their entire lash kit all in one place. Featuring four tweezer holder slots, two drawers and multiple compartments for your tools and products, this is a great choice for Lash Techs who are based in one location, and who love a tidy lash trolley.

London Lash Acrylic Eyelash Extensions Kit Organiser


In the beauty industry one of the most important parts of working with customers is to keep a hygienic and clean environment, this extends directly to the tools you work with too. As your eyelash tweezers are consistently working around Lash Glue it is vital that you keep your tools clean after every use. Eyelash adhesive – as you’ll know – dries and cures very quickly, therefore if any glue stays on your tweezers, their effectiveness is significantly reduced as they become less able to create volume fans due to reduced grip, and are less precise.

In such an instance, using the Glue Remover for Tweezers is your saving grace. This compact product is not only helpful, but it’s a must for every eyelash extension kit. Put an end to the hassle of manually removing dried adhesive with your nails or using another set of tweezers. Our Glue Remover for Tweezers simplifies the cleaning process, ensuring your tweezers stay spotless and gleaming. The 20ml bottle contains 15 ml of liquid remover, with the bottle intentionally filled halfway to prevent any potential spills. It also features an airtight inner lid for preserving freshness and extending its usability, but ensure that it is kept away from sources of heat and direct sunlight, as it can evaporate if not stored correctly. Simply dip your tweezers into the liquid, allowing the tips to brush up against the sponges, and watch it do its magic.

Glue Remover for Tweezers from London Lash EU


We cannot talk about cleanliness without talking about disinfection. You would never go to a beauty salon and not expect the beautician to work with safe and clean tools, a lash salon is no different. Cleaning and disinfecting your tweezers is just as important. Made from high-quality stainless steel, London Lash tweezers are not only durable and corrosion-resistant but also versatile when it comes to disinfection. You can confidently sanitise them using various methods such as barbicide, an autoclave, or a disinfectant spray, ensuring that the grip remains unaffected and safe for repeated use. This exceptional combination of materials and disinfection options makes these tweezers a reliable tool for a wide range of applications in sterile environments. Once you’ve cleaned your tweezers, dry them off with a lint-free tissue or wipe, and then allow them to air dry before putting them  in your safe case or organiser to prevent tarnishing.

Tweezer Holder For Eyelash Extension Technicians

It’s worth also mentioning that in some countries – or even towns – there are specific rules with regards to how you clean your tools. While some will allow you to disinfect your tweezers between uses, others require you to completely sterilise them between clients. Ensure that you check your location’s specific guidelines, and if you need to fully sterilise your tweezers, it’s worth having a second set of tweezers to work with while the first set is cleaned.


  • If you do not have all the means for these methods or products, check out our dedicated blog post which dives into hacks using products in your lash kit to remove glue from tweezers.