Tips & Tricks for Dipping into Eyelash Glue

When beginning in your lash extensions career, there is so much to learn and remember, from how to hold your Tweezers, to how to isolate natural eyelashes and so much more, so when it comes to something like how to dip into your Glue which might seem super simple, it can be a skill that is easily overlooked. This is because when placing your extensions with precision you do not want too much or too little adhesive; it must be just enough for great retention and there is a method to this technique, which we’re here to discuss today.

GIF Dipping Lash Extensions into Lash Glue

Going In Blind

Eyelash extension placement is a very technical part of a lash treatment. It’s impossible to create a uniform and aesthetically pleasing lash set by simply placing lashes anywhere with as much glue as possible. Not only is this technique poor, but it’s also dangerous too for a multitude of things such as excessive glue fume exposure and stickies. To combat any accidents and dangerous practices, we believe in the importance of lash education and this is why we’re here to help. Here are several blogs you can read to perfect your skills including; "Tips on How to Isolate Eyelashes", “Glue Zone: Tips on Lash Extension Placement” and “How to Practise Your Lash Extension Skills

Dipping Into Your Glue

So you may be wondering why the right amount of glue is important and if it makes any difference? The short answer is yes! As noted above, the ‘Glue Zone’ refers to the area of the lash extension you want covered in glue, which should be around 2mm from the base of the extension, but consider that the longer the extension is, the larger the glue zone becomes. So why is the glue zone important?Too small of a glue zone and you risk your lash extension retention, as there's just not as much there to form a long-lasting bond between the extension and the natural lash. Dipping the extension in too far is more of an issue when it comes to volume fans, as it can result in your fans closing once you let go of them on the natural lashes.

When dispensing your eyelash glue remember to use just the right amount. You want the glue dot to resemble a spherical dome shape, perfect for you to drip in your extensions at a good angle so that you can pick up just the right amount of glue. Too little and your glue will cure sooner than usual on the Jade Stone, leading to less-than-perfect retention, too much and your glue can lose its dome shape and seep all over your stone, as well as sucking too much air back into the bottle and ruining your lash glue.

Glue Drop on London Lash Stickers For Glue

Dipping Classic Lashes: When it comes to dipping a single eyelash extension, aim to dip around a third of the extension into the glue, covering at least 2 mm of the base. Too small of a contact zone between the extension and the natural lash will result in a weaker bond. This infographic below shows the precise angle you should dip a single extension into a dot of glue.

Dipping Volume Lashes: The technique here is to make sure you do not close your fluffy lash fans. If you’re learning to master handcrafting your own volume lash fans, then you know the skill and attention to detail that’s required to create a perfect fan. If you dip your volume fans too far into your drop of lash glue, you run the risk of the glue travelling up the fan leg and closing the fans when you let go of them after placing them on the natural lashes. Your fan’s leg should be at least 2 mm long so that you have enough to dip into the glue and bond with the natural lashes. Be careful not to dip in past the point that the lashes begin to fan out, else you’ll have issues with your fans closing. 

- TOP TIP: If you’re dipping your volume fans in the perfect distance and you’re still having issues with your fans closing, use some Booster on your lash strip before you pick up your lashes. Booster is not just for your clients’ natural lashes; using it on your lash strip will make sure your fans stay open and stop any potential glue running up towards the tips, just be sure not to use Booster on Easy Fanning Lashes

Correct Glue Dipping Technique InfographicBe Mindful Of Your Tools

It’s always beneficial to have a nice and full lash kit with the tools you need for every treatment. It’s never a good idea to attempt making volume lash fans using a pair of Isolation Tweezers; it’s just not going to work as effectively as using specially crafted Volume Tweezers. With the correct type of tweezers you can rest assured that you’ll be picking up your lashes correctly (whether they are classic or volume) and you’ll be able to craft your volume fans with precision before you pick them up and dip them into the adhesive.

Each type of tweezer is rigorously tested by our Master Lash Technicians to make sure that the tools you use are suitable for your skill level and needs. A good pair of tweezers will have just enough grip with a comfortable biting point for you to be delicate yet detailed when dipping into your eyelash glue and then applying the eyelash extensions. There is nothing worse than a cheap pair of tweezers which don’t grip or release correctly and which ruin all your hard work. This is why you should always Get Your Tweezers From a Professional Supplier. If you’re not exactly sure which tweezers are the best choice for you, make sure to also check out our fully dedicated blog on Picking the Perfect Lash Tweezers next.

GIF of Lash Being Dipped into Eyelash Glue

We hope these tips go a long way to help you with advancing your skills as a Lash Artist. A set of aesthetically pleasing and uniform lashes are crafted with precision and detail, which is why it’s important to know how to apply lashes using the correct amount of lash glue. To become a Pro, just keep practising and perfecting your newfound skills!