All About the London Lash Tweezer Range

Every beginner Lash Tech searches for the best Tweezers for Volume Lash Extensions before they’ve even attempted to do Classic Lashes. It’s understandable, you want the best products and the best tweezers so you can have a complete kit when you learn how to perform the treatments. But we’re here to tell you it’s okay to use one set of tweezers for multiple tasks, especially while you’re learning and starting out. Our tweezers are designed by London Lash Master Lash Artists and they are hand tested with approval for lash extensions treatments. We have compiled a list of our lash tweezers with all the information for you to make the investment on what’s best for you as a beginner.

Tweezers for Classic Lashes

A quick overview of Classic Lashes vs Volume Lashes. With Classic Lashes you are placing individual lash extensions onto a single natural lash, while with Volume Lashes you would create a ‘fan’ of two or more individual lashes and then place the fan on a natural lash. So, the eyelash tweezers must be functional for each task. This is why beginners believe they must purchase every single tweezer, but in fact, the tweezer which works best for you for Classic Lashes can perform multiple tasks.

  • Straight Tweezers are probably some of the most excellent tweezers for isolating the natural lashes. The pointed end of these tweezers is sharp, so caution should be taken when working close to the eye. But, once you master using these tweezers your isolation and separating stickies at the end of the treatment will be a quick and easy job. The pointed end of the Straight Tweezers is great for picking up Classic Lashes in every thickness. The lightweight metal is easy to handle and helps to avoid muscle pain and hand strain.
  • Pointed Tweezers are designed to serve a similar purpose to the Straight Tweezers, though they do have an ever so slightly curved end. The Pointed Tweezers are a favourite amongst Lash Artists of all levels of experience and are a best seller in our range. The ever so slightly thicker end of these tweezers helps to pick Classic Lashes with ease, while it is a perfect choice for isolating the natural lash using the precise point.
  • Angled Tweezers are also some of the most popular in our range. These lash isolation tweezers have an extremely precise thin tip which makes them great for isolating the natural lash or picking single eyelash extensions. The slight curve of the Angled Tweezer is perfect for a Lash Tech who is getting used to the different angles of holding tweezers. 
  • Curved Tweezers are like the sibling of Angled Tweezers. The prominent curve on these isolation tweezers allows for picking up every thickness of individual Classic Lashes, while the pointed curved tip is ideal for isolating the natural lash. The Curved Tweezers are amazing for going back into the lashes after the treatment is finished to find and separate any stickies. Holding these tweezers will feel like second nature in no time. 

London Lash Isolation Tweezers for Classic Lashes Straight Angled Curved and Pointed Tweezers

Multifunctional Tweezers 

  • As the name suggests, Multifunctional Tweezers are just that. Their function is to make lashing easy and accessible to you, especially as a beginner, these tweezers are ideal for you to learn not only Classic Lashes, Isolation, and separating stickies, but will also help any beginner Lash Tech learn how to create and perfect 2D Volume fans too. 

London Lash Multifunctional Tweezers for Isolation Volume Fans and Classic Lash Extensions

Tweezers for Volume Lashes

  • Fine Tip Volume Tweezers are the best selling tweezers for Russian Volume Lashes in our range. These tweezers are perfect for Lash Techs ready to begin their journey into Volume Lashes. The thinner tip of these volume lash tweezers gives you the ultimate precision in making volume fans as each tweezer has its own unique “sweet point” (point of the best grip). Try to grab the fan (or premade fan) with different parts of the tip to find the perfect grip position.
  • Regular Tip Volume Tweezers have a slightly thicker, stronger grip that allows you to make perfect fans. These tweezers are great for Lash Techs used to a thicker tweezers when working with Classic Lashes so the transition to using the Regular Tip makes these one of the best tweezers for Volume Lash Extensions. These tweezers will be an ideal choice for technicians looking to work on 2D to 6D narrow or wide Volume Fans, using any fanning technique.
London Lash Regular Tip and Fine Tip Volume Tweezers for Volume Lash Extensions

Fibre Tip Tweezers

  • Fibre Tip Multifunctional Tweezers feature a unique and textured hex grip for optimal grip on lash extensions. Precise in isolating lashes, the Fibre Tip Multifunctional Tweezers help make quick 2D fans while also picking up individual Classic Lashes, Premade Fans or Easy Fanning Lashes.
  • Fibre Tip Fine Tip Volume Tweezers feature the same unique and textured hex grip. These tweezers are amazing for beginner Lach Technicians as the hex texture and thin tip will optimise the grip when picking up lashes to create Volume Fans. These tweezers will also help pick up Premade and Easy Fanning Lashes ready for a quick application. 
  • Fibre Tip Regular Volume Tweezers are the best choice when it comes to creating Volume Fans using a wide range of techniques. Ideal for Lash Techs used to creating fans with their own technique, these tweezers will make the job just a little bit easier. Designed with the unique hex grip, the Fibre Tip Regular Volume Tweezers can be used to create 2D to 8D Volume Fans.

London Lash Fibre Tip Tweezers Collection


A question we always receive is‘How to clean your lash tweezers?’ It's quick and simple. Our tweezers are made from high quality stainless steel which is ideal when using disinfectant or sterilisation procedures. Using our Glue Remover for Tweezers you won’t have to worry about scraping away any left over cured glue. Simply dip your tweezers in the solution and wipe off the residue. For Fibre Tip Tweezers, it is suggested to leave them in the Glue Remover for a bit longer to thoroughly soften any glue on the hex grip.

For customers using an autoclave to sterilise their tweezers, our range is perfectly suited for your needs. The tweezers will come out perfectly sterilised and ready for your next use.

Once you’ve made a collection of lash extension tweezers you should keep them stored safely in a container. This will keep them clean for your next client. We suggest our Tweezer Holder, perfectly designed to store all of the tweezers you purchase from our range. For those beginner Lash Techs looking to purchase only one or two tweezers in the beginning of their lash journey, the Magnetic Tweezer Case will store your small collection just as safely.

Take a look at our Tweezer Chart, specially designed to help you understand the use of each of our tweezers discussed today. You can choose and compare the tweezers you find best suited for your level of expertise and desired feel when holding them.

London Lash Chart for Lash Extension Tweezers