How To Stay Positive At Work As A Lash Artist

As a Lash Artist not only do you beautify your clients on a daily basis but you also instil positivity and relaxation in their life during lash extension treatments… But what about you? It’s time to bring joy to your everyday routine, as we all know, if you choose a job you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. But alas, there are difficult, stressful and challenging days. So how should you manage heavy workloads, hectic lash treatment schedules and still stay positive? Let’s delve into some tips on bringing back some positive energy into your day to day as a Lash Technician.

Structured Breaks With Self-Care Rituals:

Schedule short, regular breaks during the day, even if they're only for 5-10 minutes. Use this time to stretch, practise deep breathing exercises, or grab a snack and drink plenty of water. Our bespoke Lash Baddie Tumbler is perfect for the Lash Tech on the go who needs to hydrate in style. Over time, these mini-breaks can significantly enhance well-being and reduce stress. 

Keep a small kit of personal self-care items, like a favourite hand cream, aromatic oil, or little stress ball to help with any straining from holding on to your lash Tweezers. These can act as quick mood boosters if you do not have a lot of time to spare.

Lash Baddie Tumbler for Drinks

Stay Organised and Set Realistic Expectations:

Begin each day with your clear list of clients and their specific needs. Prioritise tasks and manage time effectively to prevent feeling overwhelmed, knowing which Lash Extensions and tools you’ll be using for a specific treatment will save you time and energy from looking around and searching for your essentials. Consider investing in an Acrylic Organiser for your eyelash extensions kit which will keep your most used items in one easy and convenient place.

It's essential to know your limits. If your schedule becomes too tight, consider spacing out appointments a bit more or hiring an assistant to help with preparing and cleanup if you have the means. Keep on top of your admin and always set time aside from your week to make sure you can count stock or do any paperwork, this way you will never fall behind and you will know when you need to place a lash order.

Acrylic Storage Organiser for Eyelash Extensions Kit

Create a Positive Workspace:

Personalise your workstation with items that bring you joy, such as photographs, inspiring quotes, or small plants. Having an aesthetically pleasing workspace is not only relaxing for your clients, but it should also make you feel like your place of work is your second home, and in turn it will make you feel at ease and happy to be there. Neutral colours can be very relaxing, our matching Memory Foam Neck Pillow and Lash Bed Covers in beige will create a perfectly luxurious atmosphere.

Play soft, uplifting music in the background during a lash procedure, provided it's okay with your clients. Music has a profound impact on mood and can help both the Lash Technician and the client feel more relaxed. This is particularly uplifting during lash extension treatments where the client is silent or may even fall asleep and you would sit there working in silence. Having some music in the background will distract you and make time go by faster.

Lash Bed Cover and Memory Foam Lash Pillow from London Lash

Engage in Continuous Learning:

Dedicate some time each week or month to learn something new about lash extensions, whether it's a new lashing technique, product, or lash trend. This will keep your job exciting and it can also help improve service quality, leading to more satisfied clients and higher job satisfaction.

Attend workshops, webinars, or join online communities where other Lash Artists share their experiences and tips. Feeling connected to a broader community can be uplifting, especially if you work alone in your beauty studio. Make sure to follow us on Instagram - @London_Lash_EU for tips, tricks and lash maps or, check out plenty more of our Blog Posts for advice and educational content here.

Seek Feedback and Celebrate Successes:

Encourage clients to provide feedback. Positive reviews can be a significant morale boost, while constructive criticism can help in personal growth and service improvement. You can even boost revenue by offering a future discount every time a client leaves a review, not only will this show client care but they will be more inclined to come back and use your special offer. At the end of each week, take a moment to reflect on the work you've done and the people you've helped create a relaxing experience for. Celebrate your successes, no matter how small, and set positive intentions for the week ahead.

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Lastly, remember that everyone has challenging days. It's okay to seek support when needed, whether from colleagues, friends, or professionals. Maintaining a positive mindset requires effort and strategies, but the benefits for both personal well-being and professional success are immeasurable.