Learn About the Lash Extension Glue Cream Remover

When it comes to eyelash extensions, clients easily forget that once their treatment is finished, at some point their lashes will need to be removed if they don't want an infill session to fill any gaps. Sure, some fall out on their own due to the natural lash cycle but plenty will stay glued on and in turn look messy and sparse. So when a client comes in ready for their lashes to be removed, they don't want a long removal process. We’re here to tell you how to remove eyelash glue from lashes without the hassle.

Why a Lash Tech Should Remove a Client’s Lash Extensions

It is always a good idea to offer the service of removing your client’s lashes if they don't want to rebook for an infill session. It is never advised for clients to remove their lash extensions at home, read all about the dangers of DIY lash removal here.

We advise clients not to use oil-based products alongside eyelash extensions because they will cause premature loss of lashes. Oily products should be avoided simply because they can get in between the eyelash extension glue and the natural lash, causing extensions to slide off, but this isn't the professional way to remove lashes either. Furthermore, clients trying to pull out the lash extensions by themselves is a recipe for disaster. This can be a painful and damaging process which leads to their lashes possibly never growing back. It is in their best interest to have their lashes removed using the correct products for a gentle and effective glue removal and the ultimate health of their natural lashes.

London Lash Cream Lash Glue Remover for Lash Extensions

What Should Be Used

One of our favourite products to remove Lash Glue is the London Lash Cream Remover. As the name suggests, this is a creamy and soft consistency which is gentle on the lashes and works wonderfully. It is the best glue remover for London Lash glues. The Cream Remover is completely safe for sensitive eyes and designed as such so that once applied it does not leak into the eyes to cause irritation. The easy to see bright colour is perfect for making sure you have every area that you need to remove covered. The lash glue remover works quickly, after applying, wait 10-15 minutes before beginning to remove the lash glue. Remember, depending on the amount of lash glue and lash extensions applied, the glue remover may need more time. The more compact and fresh a lash set and the more glue used, the longer it will take for the cream to break down the bonds. 

After removing the glue from the lashes, it is best for the lash tech to clean any residue that may be left over. Protein Pads are a great little product to have on hand. Not only do they nourish natural lashes with Amino Acids, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera extract but they will clear any residue oils, make up and glue. For a deeper more thorough cleanse, a Lash Shampoo can also be used after removing the glue. This foam cleanser is ideal for getting in between every individual lash and cleaning the lash line entirely. Getting rid of all glue residue before you start cleaning the lashes is really important, as if it is still present after the removing process, you will see shock polymerisation on the lashes (white crystals of glue resulting from the glue being cured exceptionally fast).

London Lash Cream Remover for Lash Extension Glue Gif Set of Process


  • Never advise clients to remove their lash extensions at home using chemical products including the Cream Remover or any other lash glue remover. These products are for professional use only.
  • In the case of shock polymerisation reapply the remover, wait a few minutes to soften and use tweezers to pull off any excess glue before re-cleansing.
  • The lash glue remover is perfect for removing excess glue which may have gotten on your skin or clothing by accident during application. Simply apply, wait and rinse out thoroughly. 
  • Any excess glue on your tweezers can be removed using our fantastic Glue Remover for Tweezers making the job of removing the glue so much easier.