London Lash Salon Accessories

No matter if you’re opening up a brand new Eyelash Extension lash salon or you’ve established yourself in your local area for a while, beautifying your space is an important part of creating an atmosphere not only for you but for your clients too. Having a relaxing and serene environment to work in is one of the most vital parts when it comes to working a constant job like being a Lash Artist. Organising your space is paramount, you don’t want to be looking for items for a long time in between clients, but also, a tidy and welcoming space will make your clients feel relaxed and therefore they will enjoy their lash treatment.

Large Items

Every studio should have a lash bed where you perform all of your lash extension treatments. There is a wide range of lash beds on the market from which you can choose your most comfortable and favourite one. If you own a space which hosts more than one Lash Tech, or it is just you on your own, having a professional and cohesive decor will make your space stand out. Our Lash Bed Covers and Memory Foam Neck Pillows are the perfect combination for any Lash Artist to begin creating cohesion. With our muted tones and choice of covers (black or beige) you can match your Lash Bed Cover to your Memory Foam Lash Pillow Faux-Leather Cover. Something to note is that our pillows are designed so that they do not hold moisture, they have a flat surface which will hold your Glue Stone and Lash Glue and even your Lash Palette conveniently next to your client. With its moisture resistance the Lash Pillow will allow your lash adhesive to stay fresh as we all know moisture can interfere with the glue conditions, but, no such issues in this case.

Lash Bed Cover and Memory Foam Lash Pillow

Every beauty parlour should have bright and stunning lighting. The Glamcor Lamp range will allow you to see exceptional detail when performing eyelash extension treatments and it doubles as beauty lighting for your social media pictures at the end of your treatment. No matter which Glamcor LED light you choose, they come with adjustable lighting tones and you can move them around to fit any location or angle necessary. We always suggest pairing your Glamcor lighting with the Glamcor Flow, an accessory that will provide a constant flow of air and blow any eyelash glue fumes away from you or your client during the lashing procedure.

Glamcor Flow for Professional Beauty Studios

Medium Items

It’s always worth knowing about items you may think are not necessary but will make your work life much easier. The Acrylic Lash Storage Organiser is one of our most stunning and aesthetically pleasing items. The organiser fits absolutely perfectly in any professional salon and is so convenient for hard working Lash Artists. Easily placeable on a trolley which you can move while you lash, this organiser will fit all your essentials for the treatment. From clean Lash Palettes, Tweezer storage and drawers for other tools, to specific compartments to organise your Lash Extensions and all Pretreatment products necessary. This acrylic organiser is so handy and it looks absolutely sleek and stylish for any professional Lash Artist.

London Lash Acrylic Lash Storage Organiser

Now, we’re sure you have a bunch of large mirrors around the salon for multiple reasons, but a handy accessory is the Riki Skinny Mirror which you can always have close by and grab at the end the treatment to swiftly hand to your client so they can examine your hard work. The Skinny Mirror features LED lighting which can show off all the close up detail to your client without them having to press their face up to a wall mirror. What’s even better is that with its multiple attachments the Skinny Mirror doubles as a photo 'ring' light allowing you to attach your or your client’s phone to the front so they can take the most perfectly lit selfie. And if lighting is all you're after, the London Lash LED Light is the perfect addition to your lash kit. With multiple settings and controls, you can take the perfect images or set up lighting in your workspace in no time.

Small Items

If you're looking for a smaller, more compact organisational option, consider Lash Palettes. These small and handy accessories will organise your work station and they'll make sure you're not staging up boxes of lash extensions. Simply line up all your lash strips on a Palette and you're all set. Available in single purchase or as a full organiser kit, Palettes are useful for salons or mobile Lash Techs alike.

It’s always the small cute items that pack the biggest punch. These are the essentials every Lash Technician needs to make sure their tools and products are working properly each and every time. An Airtight Container for all your eyelash glues will prolong their life by making sure no moisture comes into contact with them. Keeping your lash glues upright in a container means that there will be no glue seepage or blocking of the lash glue nozzle requiring you to spend a long time trying to unblock it. Read all about our Airtight Glue Container here.

London Lash Airtight Lash Glue Container

To further make sure your lash glues are working at their best you should always invest in a Glue Shaker. This little tool has a mighty effect, especially since it saves you time and energy in the long run. Instead of constantly shaking your lash glue before use, as is always recommended, the Glue Shaker does the job for you to make sure all the ingredients are reincorporated and your glue works the same each and every time.

And what’s a finished lash treatment without a Mini Cooli lash fan? Speed up the glue’s curing time by using this ergonomic and stylish lash fan on your client’s lash extensions after you’ve finished the procedure. Not only will the Mini Cooli help the glue set in seconds, but it will blow any residue glue fumes away from the client’s eyes and it is a pleasant and relaxing way to end the lash treatment.

Mini Cooli Lash Extensions Fan

So, here are some ideas for you to beautify your lash space with some very stylish and most importantly helpful products. Any Lash Technician will know that having helpful tools and accessories will speed up their work and organise their space but at the same time adding cohesion and style. Find what best suits your space and make sure to show it to us, feel free to tag us on Instagram - @London_Lash_EU with all of your stunning new lash salon accessories.