How to Create the Perfect Barbie Lashes

What Are Barbie Lashes?

It’s fast becoming the biggest movie event of summer 2023. The new Barbie Movie has been one of the most anticipated films of the year and with it of course, social media has been set ablaze with trends, from clothing to makeup, and even eyelash extensions. That’s right, Barbie Eyelashes are the new ‘it’ style of lashes, and we have an exclusive lash map to create a set of Barbie Lashes for your clients. And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about Ken either. Keep reading to find out more.

How to Create a Barbie Lash Map

For this Barbie inspired lash set you are aiming to create an eyelash map similar to a Cat Eye or Squirrel style, depending on your client’s desires and what will best suit their eyes. For clients with close-set or proportionate eyes, a Cat Eye lash map would be perfect. 

To create a Barbie lash set you will be using  lengths of eyelash extensions similar to a Squirrel lash set. In the  first layer the longest lashes will be in the middle of the eye and carry on towards the outer corner of the eye, gradually decreasing in length as you reach the outer corners of the natural lashes. In the  second layer of this eyelash set, the lash extensions should be in the same arrangement as the first layer, only they will be 1 mm longer than the lashes in the first layer. For the  third layer, you will increase the length by 1 mm again, but this time only in the inner half of the eye.

Barbie Eyelashes Map from London Lash

For a more dramatic effect, you can add a touch of texture using lash spikes for a wispy lash look. Simply take some Primer and a Micro Fibre Brush and apply it along your lash strip which will create a closed spike. This will add dimension and a doll-like effect to the lash set. When it comes to wispy lashes you don’t want them to be overpowering, only one layer should feature the lash spikes so as to keep the look more on the natural side with just a touch of texture. You can read about the techniques used for creating lash spikes here

Lash Extensions You Can Use for Barbie Eyelashes

For a light and fluffy set of Barbie lash extensions we recommend the London Lash Mayfair 0.05 or 0.07 lashes in C or CC Curl. These lash extensions will give the perfect bold Barbie look that will still appear fluffy and natural on your client’s eyes.

Would it be a Barbie world if we didn’t add pink? Of course not. Play around with Pink Lashes or Red Lashes to create bold and dramatic dimensions. A touch of pink blended in with red coloured lashes will add some femininity with a youthful and playful effect, perfect for any Barbie fanatic. Using coloured lashes can be intimidating, but with this Barbie lash set you can play around with the lash layers, add a touch of colour in the outer corners, or even blend the coloured lashes with wispy lash spikes for some dimension.

Pink Coloured Lash Extensions from London Lash

Ken-ergy! Lashes for Men

We haven’t forgotten about Barbie’s famous co-star Ken. For masculine clients of all shapes and sizes, Ken-inspired Lashes are a perfect recommendation for clients who prefer a Nude Lashes look. A neutral lash set is a subtle way to add depth, drama and open up the eyes. Mapping a Nude Look lash extension set is simple, using the lash extensions of your choice you can create the perfect eyelashes for Barbie’s favourite side-kick. Don’t be afraid to offer eyelash sets for male or masculine clients, you can read all about it here.

Nude Look Lash Map from London Lash

So there you have it. The Barbie lashes which have inspired the top lash looks of the summer, reminding us that eyelash extensions can be fun, playful, and always exciting. Now go out there and get yourself ready for Malibu.