Offering Professional and Safe Lash Removal for Your Clients

When your clients leave your lash salon after receiving a beautiful and fully eyelash set, they should be fully aware that if they do not want to keep their extensions after 3 - 4 weeks, they should come in for a removal treatment. Time and time again, we receive questions asking us  “Can you remove lash extensions at home?” or even worse, we see queries about:  “DIY eyelash extension removal at home.”  These practices are not only dangerous, but they can be permanently harmful too.

Why Lash Removal at Home is a Bad Idea

Clients who choose to remove their lash extensions at home will most likely begin to notice some lash shedding of their natural eyelashes and confuse it for the eyelash extensions falling out. It is possible that their lash extension has shed, but after 3 - 4 weeks it is most likely their natural lash coming to the end of its natural growth cycle. In this confusion, clients may begin plucking out their lashes, believing they are only taking out the lash extensions as they do so. The reason this can be permanently harmful is because if they prematurely pluck out hairs which aren’t at the end of their natural growth cycle, then this process can damage their hair follicle and stunt future growth of any natural eyelashes, leaving gaps in their lash line.

Another way some customers find DIY ways to remove their eyelash extensions at home is to search for products not suitable for use at home. Eyelash extension removers, in fact, those removers re-activate the eyelash adhesive, are made for professional use only. As these removers are made for Lash Technicians, the process of removing lash extensions is not easy if not done by a professional, let alone by the client themselves. It can be very dangerous, especially if any product seeps into the client’s eye and causes a chemical burn and any other serious complications. 

DIY Lash Removal At Home

How You Can Remove Your Client’s Lashes

If a client does not want an infill or future lash extensions after their current set (sometimes it’s good for client’s to have a break from lashes) then simply advise them that you offer a removal service. Not only is this great for the customer’s natural lash health, but it is a further service you can offer in your salon to retain customers.

Lash Glue Gel Remover and Cream Remover by London Lash

Our London Lash Cream Remover and Gel Removers are professional products for Lash Artists like yourself. The Gel Removers (Unscented and Cherry Scented) are perfect for Lash Technicians who are experienced and handle products well, not to say that beginners cannot use our Gel Removers, but a steady hand and application is necessary. Using a Cleaning Brush, simply apply the Gel Remover over the glue bonds and wait around 5 minutes before removing, leave the product on longer if needed. 

The Cream Remover is a little easier to apply. As this product has a much thicker and creamier consistency, it is absolutely perfect for beginner and experienced Lash Artists alike. This product is formulated so that once it is applied it does not leak into the eyes, making it a safe and gentle removal process. The Cream Remover takes around 10 - 45 minutes depending on the amount of lash extensions used as the remover needs to seep through to all the lash glue bonds, if more lashes were used and the lash line is compact, then the process will take longer than 10 minutes, but you can treat this as a relaxing procedure for your client. To apply, take a Micro Fibre Brush and apply the product where needed, once it has worked its magic, take a pair of Multifunctional Tweezers and pull the extensions off gently. 

Lash Glue Removal Kit from London Lash


If your clients remove their eyelash extensions at home, they will not have the correct products to promote natural eyelash health and aftercare. After removing the lash extensions and lash glue from the client, we always advise Lash Techs to go in with a Protein Removing Pad to remove any excess glue remover and clean the area thoroughly. Then, follow up with the Super Prep Duo, which includes Cleanser and Primer. Simply cleanse the lashes to clean them from any residue remover and prime to reintroduce the hydration they desire. Providing this service for your clients isn’t just to benefit your business but clients with healthy lashes will continue to return to your business in the long run. Any leftover DIY products on your client’s lashes at home can lead to damage and potential health complications, so this is the safest and most professional way to remove eyelash extensions, with good aftercare. 

Super Prep Duo Cleanser and Primer for Lash Extensions by London Lash

TOP TIP -  Using Gel or Cream Remover can help you in situations during an eyelash extension procedure. If a lash extension is a little wonky, or you notice accidental stickies which can damage the client’s lashes, you can use a tiny amount of remover on a Micro Fibre Brush, let it seep into the individual lash (or area) you are targeting, remove the glue and reapply the extension when ready.