Advice for Your Clients About Skincare and Makeup After a Lash Set

In short, there is a lot of information out there about makeup and skincare products when it comes to Eyelash Extensions. You will hear returning clients complain about the disadvantages of not being able to use skincare products and makeup because it keeps ruining their lash extensions, but in reality, they just need to know which products are safe to use. Furthermore, it helps to make them aware of how to remove those products, such as makeup, without disrupting their lashes. So yes, it is completely safe to use makeup and skincare with lash extensions, but clients must understand which products are perfectly suitable and won't cause damage or retention issues.

What’s the Issue With Oil?

Contrary to common belief, oils don’t actually break down lash extensions glue. The reason oils and products with oil should be avoided with lash extensions wear is because the oil, over time, can come between the glue bonds and the natural lashes, causing the extensions to slide off. To combat this for clients with oilier skin, try using Booster during your Pretreatment routine and advise that they cleanse their lashes daily with cool or lukewarm water.


There are many clients who come in for eyelash extension treatments for special occasions. In fact, you can read all about it here in our blog post. These types of clients will of course glam up their looks even further by using makeup for their occasions, so you must advise them on the correct makeup and application which will work with their lash extensions. Of course, not every client who wears makeup after extensions will be attending special occasions, they may just want to feel glamorous and feminine. But, the advice is all the same.

Makeup Products Used With Lash Extensions

Makeup is safe as long as you know which products won’t cause any problems for your Eyelash Glue. It’s imperative that clients don’t put on any makeup on for around 24 hours after the treatment, particularly if you have not used Superbonder Sealant to cure the lash adhesive instantly. While we promote the use of Superbonder, we understand that some Lash Techs have not used it yet (grab a Sample and change your mind), so the rule is that for the first 24 hours clients should not use any water or oil based products such as makeup around the eyes while the eyelash glue cures.

Mascara is one of the biggest culprits for pulling out lash extensions prematurely. There are so many different mascara wands out there and of course, many different mascara formulas. Depending on the mascara wand, and of course the formula, mascara can jeopardise the longevity of lash extensions. Tubing mascara can stick to eyelash extensions like glue, therefore it takes a lot of effort to remove, while not impossible, rubbing the eyelashes with force to remove mascara residue will consequently cause lash shedding. Similarly, waterproof eyeliner can have the same issue, while it is removable, excessive rubbing around the eyes and lash line can create too much friction and eventual lash shed. Look for oil free and washable mascara or eyeliner if purchasing said products, or better yet, completely forego mascara if necessary. It might enhance the look of classic lashes, but it will cause your volume lash fans to close, spoiling the look of hybrid and volume lash sets.

Mascara Wand and Fluffy Volume Lash Extensions

Eyeshadows are perfectly safe around lash extensions, but we do advise that it is not applied heavily. With shadows around the eyelids there can be fallout, this is when the eyeshadow does not stick to the lid but falls from the brush and eyelids onto the lash line or face. This tends to happen with loose pigment eyeshadows but it can be possible with pressed shadows too. Too much fallout can build up around the lash extensions and become difficult to remove, causing excessive rubbing. 

Removing makeup from around the eyes should be done with oil free makeup removers. In fact oil should be avoided completely – we cannot say this enough. Oils can be found in makeup primers, foundations, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadows and so on, oil free makeup is a must. Cleaning the lashes should be easy. Too much leftover makeup, oil and buildup can lead to residues around the lash line, causing  the removal to become aggressive and tough which causes damage to the natural lashes and premature shedding. Failure to clean this residue from the lashes can be serious and lead to eye infections. Therefore using products which do not cause this build up will help for easier eyelash extension aftercare. Advise a gentle and patient removal process, after removing what seems like all of the makeup, clients should go in with a Lash Shampoo and Cleansing Brush to cleanse and remove all residue for a deep and gentle clean, our London Lash foam cleanser contains Tea Tree extracts which promote natural lash health and avoid any infections. Think about having some on hand to retail to your lash clients – it increases your profit margins and ensures your clients are getting the best lash aftercare.


Now that all of the makeup is safely removed, clients may wish to rejuvenate their face with some skincare products. While every single person has different skin (dry, oily, combination, normal) it is important that the products used for skincare around the eyes are also oil free. 

There are many moisturisers out that are formulated for different skin types, and while some definitely contain oils, there are moisturisers which are oil free and will work for all skin types. It is important not to add too much product to the face, especially around the eyes – a moisturiser will seep into the skin but if it is applied without care by accident on the lashes, it may stick and just stay there, slowly drying out and causing the fans to close or causing buildup around the glue bonds, so careful application is advised. 

Similarly, eye creams are a favourite among clients, and since this product is closely applied around the eyes, careful application is imperative. Eye creams tend to be formulated with a thicker consistency than a moisturiser, so the product can be very heavy and dense if accidentally applied on the lashes. Though there are oil free eye creams, eye gels or under eye serums (which also promote hydration) tend to be much thinner in consistency and (most of the time) are oil free. They will seep into the skin faster than a heavier cream, avoiding any accidents around the lash extensions. As the client would be applying product to the under eye, they will eventually blink,  meaning that potential cross contamination with the lashes is possible, therefore a faster drying product would be a good idea.

TOP TIP  -  If clients choose to use a face mask, choosing one without oils is still important. Even if they are not using it anywhere around the eyes, those oils may still linger on their fingers and then they could accidentally touch their lashes. If the client does choose a mask without any oils and does apply around the eyes, then removal should be very gentle with no excessive rubbing so as to not damage the eyelash extensions and the natural lashes.

Oil Free Skincare Products Around Eyelash Extensions

So there you go, some comprehensive advice to give to your makeup and skincare loving clients. Remember you can always hand out our Aftercare leaflets for your clients, featuring some important information which will promote long retention and lash health.