Find the Potential for Your Business Through Further Education

When it comes to any beauty salon, having a large offering of treatments will mean more opportunity to attract new clients, and more to offer those who return for maintenance who want to try something new. If you’re a beauty salon owner, it’s a great idea to offer a wider range of services in order to maximise the potential and reach of your business. Of course, this doesn’t mean being the one and only beauty therapist available; consider opening your doors to trained staff or investing in developing your current personnel. Let’s discuss some ideas on how to expand the potential of your beauty business.

Lash Technician Applying Eyelash ExtensionsLash Extensions

If you own a beauty salon which offers a limited number of eyelash extensions services, it’s a great time to consider expanding what you offer. This could be offering new and trending styles of lashes, or adding Volume lashes if you haven’t already. Keep in mind that Russian volume lash extensions require specific certification and training before you can offer it as a service to clients. Volume eyelash extensions are different from Classic lashes because they require more than just placement of lashes, they’re (for the most part) created using hand crafted lash fans and thus require you to be carefully trained when working with clients so that you don’t cause damage to the natural lashes.

Volume Eyelash Extensions

Volume lashes can be created using Premade Fans and Easy Fanning Lashes too, but it's always best to follow local regulations and complete your training before offering this treatment as a service. Volume lash extensions are popular with clients, and will open your doors to many potential clients who desire a bolder look rather than just Classic lashes.

The benefit to knowing how to apply both Classic lashes and Volume lashes means that you also have the freedom to offer Hybrid Lashes, thus increasing your reach for potential clients even further.

Investing in the Online Volume Lashes Course is a great way to keep working and educating yourself on-the-go. You can read more about the course in this dedicated blog post. Similarly, if you’re already familiar with Volume lash extensions, you can try a new product such as Easy Fanning Lashes or Premade Fans which will make your treatments easier and faster.

Model Holding Box of Easy Fanning LashesHenna Brows

If you only offer eyelash extensions, it’s a good idea to consider expanding your services even further. With our sister brand So Henna, you can discover a world of opportunities and treatments. So Henna offers a more natural alternative to other eyebrow treatments, and provides a long lasting semi-permanent stain on your clients’ brows, giving them a more gentle treatment compared to a brow lamination or traditional tint procedure. Read more about Why You Should Choose So Henna here.

Model Wearing So Henna BrowsLike eyelash extensions, eyebrow treatments have taken over the beauty world with clients looking to accentuate their natural features. What better way to get the most out of their day, than to receive two treatments in the same location? Opening up your business to new treatments does not mean having to adjust drastically. Henna brow procedures can be performed in the same setting as eyelash extensions and even utilise the same space and Glamcor lighting you’re already using. With an investment in accreditation and a So Henna Brow Kit, you can finally attract a wider range of clients to come through your doors, boosting your business potential significantly.

Full So Henna Brow Starter Kit in Pro SizeInvest in Your Staff

If you’re a salon owner who has staff treating clients, it’s a good idea to turn on your managerial thinking and unleash the potential in your Technicians. Whether they’ll benefit from learning to create Volume lashes or they want to expand their list of treatments into henna brows, investing in potential will see returns. 

Consider allowing your staff to take time to further educate themselves in their desired field—if you’re able, why not surprise them with the Online Volume Lashes Course yourself? Not only does this show that you’re a considerate beauty salon owner, but you’re actively investing in your business, staff and a potential future clientele to provide exceptional services. Happy staff means happier clients, and with incentives such as growth and potential, you’re bound to see business loyalty.

Lash Extensions Salon and Lash ArtistsNetworking

Don’t forget the importance of networking. With opportunities such as beauty conventions, lash extensions or brow competitions, your limits do not exist. You can find a whole world of opportunity, from knowledge to product testing, and even affiliate programs when you network and get to know industry professionals. As a quick insider tip, why not check out the London Lash Affiliate Program and learn more about it here? Be one of the first people in your location to sign up and start on your new found journey!