Retail Styling Products for So Henna Brows

When a client comes in for their dream henna brows, you know they’re going to leave your salon satisfied and happy because you’re a skilled Brow Tech who uses high quality products and tools from So Henna. But what happens after their appointment? What advice should you give them to help maintain their eyebrows between appointments, providing the ideal styling and maintaining the look they fell in love with? This blog post will delve into a few points on how to advise your clients to style their brows using So Henna products you can retail from your brow salon.

So Henna Aftercare

It’s important to remember that aftercare for So Henna eyebrows is vital. We’ve delved into this topic before, so if you need some pointers, you can read all about Aftercare for Henna Brows here. In short, aftercare is a step which must be followed by clients who wish to maintain the depth of colour and retain the shape of their new brows. 

Our comprehensive So Henna Digital Aftercare Leaflet is the ideal solution to give clients a lot of necessary information, simply print this sheet and give it to your clients at the end of their treatments. An informed client is a happy client, and you’re bound to see more return visits if you show them you know what you’re talking about. After all, maintaining great eyebrows is not just a quick visit to the salon, it takes maintenance at home too.

Printable So Henna Eyebrows Aftercare LeafletStyling So Henna Brows

What can your client do to style their eyebrows at home after a shower or first thing in the morning? There are those clients who tend to have unruly brows and unfortunately, no matter what we do, they go back to looking a little out of place. Of course, your work can go a long way in providing the perfect henna stain on the hairs and skin, but when it comes to the way the hairs lay themselves, are there any products to help with styling? Yes! Let’s discuss:

So Henna Brow Soap:  This is a staple product in the beauty brow industry. A tried and tested method which allows clients to style their eyebrows with ease that takes minimal effort. When it comes to a trusted product, brow soap has stood the test of time. Our So Henna Brow Soap formula is light and gentle on the skin with a buildable effect. In fact, this brow soap will allow clients to achieve a natural feathery look without needing a skilled Brow Artist each and every day to help out. Provided with a brow spoolie, this brow soap is compact and easy to carry on-the-go for any moment’s notice when the brows may need a touch up. At the end of the day, our brow soap is easily removable with just water.

So Henna Brow Soap for Brow StylingSo Henna Styling Wax:  For those clients who need a little bit more help, the So Henna Styling Wax is the secret hero they don’t yet know about. Just like our brow soap, this wax is gentle, light and is easily removable with water, but it also helps with those unruly brows that just won’t stay put. What’s worse than always plucking away at a rogue brow hair? In fact, this is how over-plucking can become second nature. Our So Henna Styling Wax will help clients who need that extra help in making sure the eyebrows look natural, but keep their styling and shape. No more painful plucking away at unwanted or unruly eyebrow hairs.

So Henna Eyebrow Styling Wax and SpoolieSo Henna Brow Oil:  Finally, some clients may not need much when it comes to brow styling. In fact, this is a suggested retail aftercare product for all henna brow clients. The So Henna Brow Oil is the ideal product to nourish the brows, and keep them looking bold and beautiful for as long as possible. This oil has a natural formula, and can make the difference between dry looking brows and a healthy and nourished glow. As henna dries on the skin and hair it can seem like a drying treatment, this is where our brow oil comes in to save the day. At night, after removing makeup and cleaning the skin, apply a little So Henna oil and gently massage into the brows with the fingertips. This helps to keep the brows nourished between treatments.

So Henna Brow Oil TesterRetailing Aftercare

Retailing products can boost your income as a Brow Technician, but also it will do wonders for your reputation. A service is not complete without client satisfaction, and believe us, providing your clients with amazing aftercare tips and styling products will make sure they stay satisfied with their results from one brow treatment to the next.

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