How to Pick the Right Lashes for the Best Volume Lash Extensions Sets!

The topic of Volume Lash Extensions is extremely broad, and is expanding at an almost exponential rate in the lash world, thanks to new styles popping up all the time. With that in mind, it can be very tricky to know where to start when it comes to purchasing the best volume lash extensions or even tools to create lash fans, so we’re here to help.

Different Collections

Before we get into the different thicknesses on offer, you may be wondering what makes our main lash collections different from one another. In short, our Mayfair Lash Collection has a bold and shiny finish so they are ideal for any client who loves a dramatic lash look. They have a slightly thicker and less sticky strip than our Chelsea Lashes, so they are well liked for creating fans on the strips, though of course they can be used for any fanning method that works best for you.

Chelsea Lashes have a semi-matte finish, meaning that they are often chosen for a more natural lash effect, though for mega volume lash extensions, they’re still going to give your clients cause for celebration.

What Are Their Similarities?

The main one – and this is something we’re asked about often – is that both our Chelsea and Mayfair collections (as well as every other lash variant in our store) are completely vegan, cruelty free and as a result they are hypoallergenic. Our lash extensions are made from a fibre called PBT, a type of plastic which is often used in wiring. PBT is a pliable material which means it can be stretched out into super thin eyelash extensions, and can be manipulated into all a variety of curls. Once it’s set though, that curl won’t fall unless it’s exposed to very high temperatures. These factors are what makes PBT a great material for eyelash extensions, as you can be sure that your D curl lash extensions will still be a D curl when your client comes for their infill appointment. 

0.10 Lashes

Those of you who have checked out some of our other blog posts may remember that we have previously listed 0.10 lashes as a classic lash, and that’s because they’re more often used to create very natural classic lash sets. But, 0.10 lashes can be used to create 2D fans as well. This will give you a nice light volume set on any client, but will be especially effective for those clients whose natural lashes are more sparse, as these little fans will help to cover the gaps in their lashes without giving them too bold of a lash set. A pair of Multifunctional Tweezers is perfect for creating 2D volume fans.

0.07 Lashes

The Chelsea and Mayfair 0.07 lashes are more often than not the lash extensions that you’d find in your lash kits. They’re the thickest lashes that you’d be making fans up to 5D with, and as they are a little thicker they are much easier for beginners to get to grips with when practising different fanning methods. The 0.07 lash extensions are a timeless favourite of Lash Techs of all levels, so they are ideal to have in your lash collection.

Creating a Volume Lash Fan on Strip

0.06 Lashes

Perfect for fans up to 8D and just as easy to use as 0.07, these Mayfair 0.06 lashes are great to have in your collection for those clients who want something a little bit more dense than a regular volume set, but who aren’t quite ready for mega volume lash looks.

0.05 Lashes

The Chelsea and Mayfair 0.05 lash extensions are super soft, very fine lashes perfect for creating volume looks up to 12D. These sit comfortably between volume and mega volume, adding glamour to your clients’ lashes without taking them to the most dramatic heights. If your clients have quite weak natural lashes, these can be used to create smaller fans as well without weighing them down too much. For Mega Volume Lashing techniques why not check out our brand new Mega Volume Lash Tweezers?

Volume Fan Eyelash Extension Technique

0.04 Lashes

The Chelsea 0.04 extensions are ideal for Mega Volume Lashes to create fans up to 19D, these lashes are not for the faint of heart. These lashes are very fine so can be a little bit tricky for volume beginners to use, though after a little bit of practise you’ll be creating stunning fans in no time. 

0.03 Lashes

The finest volume lashes in our collection, Mayfair 0.03 lashes can be used to create mega volume fans up to a massive 35D/ These lashes create the boldest lash looks when used for mega volume, and are the softest lashes you will ever feel – truly swoon-worthy lash extensions.

Other Types of Volume Lashes

If we didn’t talk you through some of the other types of volume lashes in our collection, we’d be doing you a disservice! If you’re pressed for time when creating a volume set, these will be an absolute lifesaver for you. 

Easy Fanning Lashes

As the name would suggest, these are a type of volume lash which fan easily. They work by having multiple layers of lashes on each strip, so when you grip them with your tweezers they open up into fans for you. 

Easy Fanning Lashes have a mixture of lengths on each strip, meaning that they are ideal for creating wispier lash looks. We have two types of easy fanning lashes available – Camellia Easy Fanning Lashes which have two lengths mixed together on each strip, so create quite, wispy lash looks effortlessly, while our standard Easy Fanning Lashes have a mixture of 3 lengths on each strip, so create nicely textured looks. Both varieties of our easy fans are available in thicknesses of 0.03, 0.05 and 0.07.

Easy Fanning Lashes Premade Fans

Premade Volume Fans

Long gone are the days where Premade Fans were heavy cluster lashes that caused a lot of damage to our clients’ natural lashes. Premade Fans today are super lightweight and are more often than not indistinguishable from handmade fans. That’s mostly because they are still made by hand by a lash technician who ensures that they have an even distance between each lash in the fan, and have lovely neat and tidy bases. 

Lash Set using Premade Volume Fans

So there you have it, your comprehensive crash course in volume lash extensions. All of these lashes are available in a huge range of curls and lengths so you can create the looks of your clients’ dreams. Check out the collections here, and see which end up being your favourite.