Stock Up Like a Lash Pro

All Lash Artists have been in this situation, you’ve stocked up on your regular lash order and you’ve worked the peak of the summer season lashing away client after client, but come to find out you’re prematurely running out on Lash Glue, Pretreatment and your favourite go to Lash Extensions by the end of the season. Busy Lash Techs can get caught up in their intense schedules and we completely understand, beautifying your clients is your priority. But, there may be a moment when you realise your most essential products are running dangerously low and you don’t want to cancel appointments due to low stock. What are some things you can do, with our help, to make sure your lashing goes back on track?

Express Shipping 

No matter the circumstance, even the most organised of Lash Techs can end up in the situation of running out of lash essentials such as eyelash glue or even lash extensions. While you may have thought you have enough stocks until your next order, a busy period can catch you off guard. In this situation it is paramount to place a quick order so that you don’t have to cancel any appointments, lose on profit and disappoint your clients. At London Lash we have introduced Express EU Shipping for only €8.99 compared to our €5.99 standard shipping. Lash comfortably knowing your order is being shipped in 1-3 working days, but remember, if you place the order during the weekend, it will be processed the following working day.

With Express Shipping you are saving time and stress in wondering how you are going to complete your weekly appointments. No matter the size of your order, Express Shipping will make sure you receive your items as soon as possible. As an extra bonus, it is worth knowing that if you place your order before 15:00 CET Monday to Friday it will be shipped the same day. All London Lash deliveries are carbon neutral and we pledge to continue being leaders with our environmentally friendly ethos, which you can read more about here.

London Lash Carbon Neutral Shipping

Timely Orders

Usually, a well organised Lash Technician as yourself will have everything planned. From posting on social media, placing your orders, to booking new clients and of course fulfilling your lash extension treatments. But, busy periods such as summer or winter time can catch a Lash Tech off guard, everyone wants the latest eyelash extension trends, they’re attending events and want to beautify their lashes. The client list builds up, while your other priorities fall off the top of the list. It’s understandable, in these situations just make sure you plan ahead. Your time is essential, just as much as everything in your lash extensions kit, if anything your time is your biggest tool.

Knowing when to place an order is paramount, for example eyelash adhesive has an expiration notice of 4 - 6 weeks after being opened, depending on how much lash glue you have purchased, it is important to swap out your glue after it has expired (turned stringy). Unopened lash glue will expire after 6 months from the date of production (which you can find printed on the bottom of the bottle). Knowing when your perishable items expire is crucial as you may become distracted and forget, but, this is again where Express Shipping from London Lash can help. All of our lash glues come to our warehouse fresh, so rest assured you will stock up on fresh lash glue every time.  Read our article on Product Shelf life here.

Bulk Purchasing

It is always tempting to purchase a large order for a busy lash period. You may think it’s absolutely fine to buy as many eyelash glues or Pretreatment products as lash extension trays. But unfortunately, perishable items do come with an expiration date. While items such as Pretreatment or other liquids have a longer shelf life than lash glue, it is always important to know when they expire. Always write on a little Tape the date of expiry and stick it to your products to remind you. Bulk purchases are not a great idea for lash glue as mentioned. If you do not use as much glue as you purchase it will most likely expire and become useless, and as our loyal customers, we don’t want you to invest in a product that you won’t use, so we always advise on buying only as much as you need. With Express Shipping you can rest assured that even if you are running low on eyelash glue or Pretreatment, your next order will arrive on time before your products run out.

London Lash Warehouse for Lash Extension Orders

Look Out for Sales

Spring, Summer or even Black Friday sales are always enticing. During a Black Friday lash sale you may see prices slashed and you may think now is the time to restock to the max. While sales periods offer Lash Artists the opportunity to purchase essentials but also something new to try at a lower price, such as our new Mega Volume Tweezers, Easy Fanning Lashes or even Glamcor Beauty Lamps, it is important to plan ahead and know what you want to purchase. As noted, perishable items come to our warehouses completely fresh, but once shipped out you must note the longevity of their shelf life based on their date of production. Purchasing during sales periods is a great idea for things like Eyelash Extension trays, tools and even your regular perishable items, but it is important not to overstock on the ones you may not use and end up expiring. You may feel safe knowing you have a spare lash glue, only to find out it has expired.

After all, we are looking out for you, our customers. Express Shipping can help in many of these situations and if you’re ever in one, simply click Express Shipping to rest assured that your order arrives just when you need it.