The Battle Between Henna Brows & Brow Lamination

Henna Brows and Brow Lamination are both fantastic brow treatments, but they serve slightly different purposes. As a Brow Technician, it's essential to understand the nuances between different treatments to be able to cater to your clients’ needs. This guide explores the intricacies of Henna Brows and Brow Lamination so you can make an informed decision for both yourself and your brow clients.

Henna Brows: Nature's Touch in Brow Styling

Henna Brows trace their roots back to ancient traditions, now revitalised for contemporary beauty treatments. This technique uses natural henna dye to enhance both the hair and skin, offering a semi-permanent, skin-friendly solution and beauty enhancement.

So Henna brows

Application Process: Applying Henna Brows is an art, but not something you should fear if you’re a beginner. It begins with choosing the right shade from the vast and customisable So Henna range, ensuring a perfect match with the client's natural brow colour or desired shade. The henna is then carefully mixed and applied, following the natural brow shape. Precision is key, and So Henna's products are designed for ease of use and optimal results. Once the brow henna is removed, you can go ahead and complete the hair removal process, whether you use a brow wax or brow thread.

Benefits for Clients: Henna Brows offer a natural, fuller look. They are ideal for clients seeking a long-lasting colour without the commitment of permanent makeup. So Henna's range is particularly renowned for its rich, skin-friendly formulas, catering to various skin types and ensuring a lasting, vibrant colour. But, in rare cases, clients may experience an allergic reaction as henna for brows does include small trances of PPD, so a patch test is always the best practice and safest way to offer this treatment to clients.

Aftercare and Maintenance: To maintain the beauty of henna brows, advise clients to avoid excessive moisture and use gentle, natural skincare products. Exfoliators aren’t recommended as they can cause premature fading. It’s also important that the brows receive nourishment post-henna brows, so advise that your clients use the So Henna Brow Oil as part of their daily routine. This will extend the life of the brow treatment, ensuring clients enjoy their beautiful brows for longer.

Brow Lamination: The Art of Perfectly Sculpted Brows

Brow Lamination is a revolutionary technique that restructures the brow hairs, creating a fuller, more defined look. It's an ideal solution for taming unruly brows and enhancing natural volume.

Brow lamination results

Application Techniques: The process involves applying a solution that breaks down the hair bonds to make the hair more pliable before brushing them into the desired shape and using another solution that sets them in their new place. Usually, the final step to a brow lamination is brow tinting. 

Advantages for Clients: Brow Lamination offers an immediate transformation, giving clients a groomed, polished look with minimal effort. It's particularly effective for those with stubborn or unruly brows, making them easier to style. But remember, it is also advised to patch-test clients for brow laminations to provide the safest of practices.

Care and Longevity: Post-treatment care is crucial for maintaining the lamination effect. Recommend clients use a brow oil or brow conditioner to keep the hair moisturised and nourished. You can provide your clients with a brow spoolie to brush their brows in their desired position each morning to maintain their placement.

Comparing Henna Brows and Brow Lamination

While Henna Brows focuses on colour and natural enhancement, Brow Lamination is about restructuring and setting the brow hairs. The choice between the two depends on the client's brow type, desired look, and maintenance preference.

Stay informed about the latest trends and client preferences. Some clients may prefer the bold look and longevity of Henna Brows, while others might prefer the more natural, fluffy look of Brow Lamination.

Both Henna Brows and Brow Lamination are excellent choices for different needs and desired looks. Whether you offer both services or specialise in one based on your client-base, you ensure your place as a top-tier Brow Technician, ready to meet your client's needs.