Let’s Talk About Tape

Tape for eyelash extensions is a necessary tool in every Lash Tech’s kit. There are so many variations of tape that can be used during lash extension treatments that it can be quite daunting to pick the right one for you. But we’re here to help and acknowledge the fact that every type of tape on offer at London Lash is worth the investment and can be used for isolation, precision placement, and volume techniques. With so many products on the market, we want to equip you with all the information you need to make the most out of your purchases.  

Using Eyelid Tape for Eyelash Extensions

What Is Tape Used For?

Tape for lashes has many uses. Lash Artists will come across situations in which tape is their best friend, and in fact, more often than not, the tape will be used during almost all treatments. Tape has a range of uses, from isolating layers of lashes by taping them to helping with performing an infill. When carrying out an infill, you can tape back the lashes with perfectly placed extensions so you can simply fill out the new growth of natural eyelashes. 

Furthermore, tape can be used to help keep a client’s eyes closed throughout the session. Some clients may struggle to keep their eyes closed for hours, or they may not be able to fully shut their eyes, leaving them exposed to issues such as chemical burns or allergic reactions. Click the link to read more. Not only is tape useful for keeping their eyes closed but it can also form a border between the exposed opening of their eyes during the procedure. Foam Tape is particularly effective in this sense. An added benefit is using Eyelid Tape to adjust a client’s lids to make sure their lashes are more accessible during the treatment.

Taping Method for Infill Sessions

Types of Tape

Let’s discuss the vast range of London Lash tapes so you can make an informed decision on the right product for your lash kit. Make sure to read more about our tips and lash tricks in the provided links for hacks and information that dives deeper into specific topics.

  • Foam Tape - As mentioned before, this tape is particularly useful when it comes to forming a barrier between any exposure of the client’s eye during treatment. Used instead of Eyepatches, it is thicker and thus allows for less of a gap in case the client cannot close their eyes fully. Furthermore, Microfoam tape is perfect for clients who may have an allergic reaction to Eyepatches (read all about this topic in this blog). Not only this but in the long term, Foam Tape is a cost-effective alternative to Eyepatches.
  • Dynarex Surgical Tape - This tape is made from a paper material, which is not only eco-friendly but also cost-effective, as each box comes with two rolls. It’s amazing for isolating lashes during a treatment, allowing you to use it in full eyelash extension procedures or an infill session. Surgical tape gives you the perfect isolation when you want to work in layers. The paper material is also perfect for use on Eyepatches to map your extensions as it prevents any smudging so you can work precisely. 
  • 3m Micropore Tape - Available in one, two, or four rolls, micropore tape is the easiest way to protect bottom lashes from the Eyepatches. This isolation protects the client’s under eye from any issues with the patches being too close to the client’s eyes, and it gives the patches extra support to keep them in place. Micropore tape is versatile and can be used to isolate top lashes too.
  • Perforated Transparent Medical Tape - This tape is an alternative to the micropore tape. Simple to use and easy to tear without the need for scissors, the perforated tape will keep the client’s bottom lashes in place and help your patches stay put. Its medium stickiness means that the tape is easy to remove without causing discomfort or tugging on the client’s natural eyelashes.
  • Blue Breathable Medical Tape - Helps keep under-eye pads securely in place, can be used to hold down bottom lashes or lift the eyelid skin, and is breathable and soft for client comfort. The non-woven fabric prevents lash extension glue from sticking. Can be used with any under-eye pads or on its own, and is easy to remove without causing discomfort for the client.
  • Eyelid Tape - These pre-cut eyelid strips are the perfect addition to your eyelash kit. They’re amazing for many uses, including lifting or adjusting your client’s eyelids for easier access to their natural lashes. If your client has difficulty with closing their eyes fully, you can simply take a strip and tape down one of their eyelashes to the Eyepatch making sure their eye is fully closed using a Lash Mirror. We have a dedicated blog post on Eyelid Strips, which you can check out by clicking the link.
  • 3m Double Sided Tape - For those looking to improve their Volume Lashes techniques, we have the tape for you. This tape is strong enough to hold lashes while you create fans on a flat surface, helping you improve your handmade fan technique. This tape will improve not only your technique but your speed, too, making you a more experienced Lash Artist in no time.


To keep your tape hygienic and organised, a Tape Holder is the perfect investment. This holder will allow you to pull the precise amount of tape needed and cut along the edge neatly without the need for scissors.

Tape Holder and Cutter from London Lash EU

Remember to reduce the tackiness of your tape by sticking it to the back of your hand and lifting it a few times. For added precaution, always wear Nitrile Gloves to maintain hygiene. Reducing the tackiness of the adhesion will ensure that the tape is gentle on your client’s lash line, and it will be easy to remove without causing any damage to your client’s eyes or lashes.

For more on our Isolation Tips using methods such as tape read the dedicated blog post by clicking the link.