How to Lash Clients With Glasses

Eyelash extensions are one of the most popular treatments in the beauty industry, now being recognised as a treatment on the same level as nail extensions or brow tinting, even though they are a much more recent addition to the industry. As with anything, the more popular a treatment becomes, the more clients you’ll have coming to your beauty salon desiring those beautiful fluffy lash extensions. But, some clients may be apprehensive about what to expect and whether the treatment is for them, particularly clients who wear glasses on a daily basis – how often do we really get to see lash sets on glasses wearing clients? Sure, some may swap out their frames for contact lenses to show off their trendy lash sets, but what can we do to create lash extensions for those clients who wear their glasses consistently? Let’s delve into this topic.

Glasses Wearing Clients with Eyelash Extensions


It’s always important to consult with your clients. Not only will you find out about any potential allergens or irritants, but you can discuss how often your client wears their glasses and if their eyes are particularly sensitive. Take the time to examine your client’s favourite pair of frames – how big are they, how close do their glasses sit to their eyes, and what kind of aesthetic does your client typically go for? By assessing these things, you can suggest complementary lash styles which will suit the shape and size of their eyes, will make them happy based on the look that they want to achieve and won’t interfere with the comfortable wearing of their glasses. Read more about eye shape and suitable lash extensions here.

Wearing Glasses With Lash Extensions

One of the biggest mistakes a Lash Tech can make is to go for their go-to lash set and simply perform a treatment which then interferes with the client’s glasses. In doing so, the client’s lashes may be too long or dense and they may touch the client’s glasses each time they blink, making the experience of wearing both the extensions and glasses uncomfortable and annoying.

Correct Length VS Wrong Length of Lash Extensions for Glasses Wearers

To overcome this issue, you should opt for shorter Lash Extensions ranging from 6 - 11mm with a strong lash curl such as CC, D or L curls, making sure the client’s eyes suit not only the style you have chosen but also the curl too. You can of course mix curls to create truly bespoke eyelash sets – use softer curls in shorter lengths and gradually increase the curl to add an eyeliner type of effect, for example.

As with any client, you should consider whether the lashes that you are choosing are a safe weight for the natural eyelashes. With glasses wearers, you may find that there is a desire for a bolder lash look, so that the extensions stand out behind the glasses, so it’s extra important that you assess whether their natural lashes are up to the task of holding such large fans. Opt for Mega Volume Lashes in 0.03 or 0.04 to keep lashes safe and happy while bringing bold looks, or for Classic lash lovers, try out some Flat Lashes which weigh only half as much as a regular classic lash in the same thickness.

Lightweight VS Heavy Eyelash Extensions for Glasses Wearers

Lash Mapping for Glasses Wearers

It’s understandable if a client who wears glasses has no idea what style will suit them best? The good news is that any style can be tailored to suit any client who wears glasses, so long as you ensure that they won’t become annoying by fluttering against the frames of their glasses. Using Flat Lashes for a Natural lash map can be a perfect marriage between a look which doesn’t obstruct the glasses and vision, but which also gives a bold and defining lash set with a gorgeous matte finish. For a bolder, fluffier lash look, using Easy Fanning Lashes or Premade Fans in CC or D Curls can be a great choice to add some volume, texture and a wispy lash effect for a client who desires a more dense and dramatic look. Easy Fanning Lashes are perfect for providing a gorgeous wispy look without overpowering the lash line, and Premade Volume Fans will save you a lot of time when it comes to volume lash application.

C Curl VS D Curl Eyelash Extensions on Glasses Wearers

For clients who want a sultry lash look, we always recommend Fox, Eyeliner, or Cat Eye lash maps. Not only will these styles provide a stunning lift to the client’s outer corners of their lash line but their glasses will frame their eyes and attract attention to their lashes with a bold and dramatic outcome. For an extra dramatic flick, try our new Extreme L Curl lashes in the outer corners.

Fox Eyelash Extensions Map


Before your client leaves the salon, make sure they examine their new lash set while wearing their glasses so you can see if there are any individual lashes which may be obstructing their comfort, or even visibility. Are there any extensions pressing up against the glasses? Does the client feel completely comfortable? Make sure you educate your clients on the natural growth cycle of eyelashes and get them booked in for regular lash infills – as their lashes grow out, they may feel or seem closer to the glasses.

If you’ve used a suitable length and curl, there should be no interference, but if the client is experiencing any discomfort, always do what you can to remove any annoying lashes to prevent your client plucking them away at home. Read more about DIY VS Professional Lash Removal here. If everything is fine, offer your client a Clean Lashes DUO aftercare kit and send them on their way to enjoy and show off their new pretty lash extensions.