Utilise Our Brand New Neon Lashes

When it comes to Coloured Lash Extensions, we have you covered in terms of inspiration on how to make a beautiful lash extension set pop. In fact, you can read all about the Ultimate Guide to Coloured Lashes here. At London Lash, we’re always seeking new and innovative ways to make your lash sets stand out from the crowd and make you  the Lash Tech to go to in your location. Therefore, we’re here to introduce you to our brand new Neon Lash Extensions! Here are some tips on how to use these bold and striking extensions for your clients.

Box of Neon Lash Extensions from London Lash EUNeon Lashes

Let’s quickly delve into the specifics of our Neon Lash Extensions. With this launch, we wanted to offer Lash Artists more choice, and the opportunity to grab a product which is versatile and goes a long way. This is why our Neon Lashes includes a tray of four different colours: Yellow, Green, Orange and Pink. Each tray includes 28 lines of lashes in mixed lengths from 8-14mm. If you’ve used our popular Mayfair 0.07 range before, these lashes will feel very familiar to you. They are perfect for volume fans up to 5D, and are easy to fan out or use as spikes in your lash sets. These lashes are available in CC and D curls which will complement a wide majority of clients and mix easily into your lash maps, so you can lash away with ease.

  • Do note, when consulting your clients about neon lash extensions, be sure to let them know that these lashes do not glow in the dark under normal circumstances. Instead, they glow under UV/black light exposure, making them a great staple for clients who love to show off their beautiful extensions during a festival or celebratory event. In normal lighting, they will provide a bright pop of colour in a lash set, similar to other coloured lashes. 

GIF of Neon Lashes Under Black LightTouch of Drama

Neon extensions do not have to be intense, bold and dramatic, in fact they can be beautiful in their subtlety too. Create stunning lash sets with accents of colour or use them for their benefits during a lash extensions competition. These stunning extensions are for those clients who desire a bolder pop of colour and deserve to stand out from the crowd. Of course, neon lashes are not for everyone, but with a subtle accent of lash spikes or fans in between layers, your clients can experiment with colour and ease into a bold look for an exciting change.

Festival Offers

When it comes to summertime, clients often seek different types of lashes and styles. This is why festival season is the perfect time to expand your portfolio and offer something exciting for your client base who may be on the lookout for the next big trend, or just something a little more daring than their usual look. 

Why not consider gaining a whole new client base by offering special promos for ‘Festival Lashes’ for those seeking the fun and drama to accentuate their look for a big festival or the vacation they’ve waited for all winter. Neon lashes can bring you a huge increase of clients who want just that; glamour, fun and the opportunity to express themselves this summertime.

Bold & Striking

Lastly, of course, we cannot go without mentioning the possibility of creating a whole lash look using only neon lashes. This may seem extreme and there may not be a huge number of clients who want an entire lash set full of neon extensions, but you may be surprised. With the customisability and versatility of these neon lash colours, you can mix and match, create bespoke lash sets and give your clients exactly what they want.

Model Holding Box of Neon LashesAlways consult your client and take note of their favourite colours, after all, our Neon Lash Trays include four different stunning colours, making them the perfect addition to your lash collection when it comes to versatility and customisation. You’ll not only save space by having the four colours in one tray, but you’ll save money compared to purchasing four different boxes of lashes when you grab yourself all in one Neon Lash Extensions tray.