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Fine Tip Volume Tweezers

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Are looking for the best russian volume tweezers? These fine tip volume lash tweezers are the favourite pair of top lash artists around the world. Thin tip and strong grip will allow you to make the perfect fans.

- designed by London Lash Trainers team and hand-tested by the lash specialists

- thinner tip of these volume lash tweezers gives you the ultimate precision in making volume fans

- light and easy to use

- made of high quality and durable surgical stainless steel

- russian volume lash tweezers are available in three colours: silver, titanium gold, titanium black

- each pair of tweezers has its own, unique “sweet point” (point of the best grip). Try to grab the fan with different parts of the tip to find the perfect grip position. 


Fine Tip Volume Tweezers are perfect for:

  • making narrow and wide fans
  • different russian volume fanning techniques
  • beginner lash artists who struggle with creating volume fans (thin tip helps with a fan creation)
  • creating speedy volume fans using easy fanning lashes
  • picking up premade fans


For safety reasons always store your tweezers in a specially designed Magnetic Tweezer Case, and while traveling it is advised to keep your whole kit in a handy travel bag!

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