A Step by Step Guide to So Henna

So Henna eyebrows are one of the big up and coming trends in Europe's beauty industry. The semi-permanent eyebrow treatment is ideal for today's clients looking for a natural and painless alternative to traditional brow tint.

So Henna brow tint uses natural dyes from the henna plant to stain the skin under the brow hairs to create an illusion of depth and fullness, filling any sparseness. The tint coats the brow hairs with the desired colour rather than changing or permanently bleaching the natural brow hair which some tints tend to do. This is a gentle process and is suitable for sensitive skin. The dye is easy to use and control and can match almost any skin colour and brow shape.

How Long Does So Henna Last?

So Henna brows are perfect for clients looking for something semi-permanent. They last from 2 - 4 weeks, but this does depend on the skin type and how well the aftercare process is followed. The brow shades can be customised by mixing So Henna Powders together and the time the henna is left on the brows for.

So Henna Eyebrow Colour Chart

Why So Henna?

So Henna is 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free. It is free from ammonia, lead and oxidants but more importantly, henna contains lawsone dye which is completely natural and stimulates healthy hair growth. So Henna ingredients follow import regulations and contain a low PPD percentage. You can rest assured you would be providing quality safe products with a professional industry standard.


Eyebrows Pretreatment for So Henna

Using the versatile London Lash Foam Cleanser and a Cleansing Brush, clean the brows gently, make sure there is no left over make up, oils or dirt on or around the eyebrows. Wipe away the excess and dry the area with a tissue. A gentle face scrub on the brows will remove the dead and dry layer of skin to prepare the area for the tint. Remove the leftover scrub with a wet cotton pad and pat to dry. 


So Henna Powder Mix

Choose the ideal shade to suit your client - remember that you can mix shades to personalise the colour for each individual client. Once you have both agreed on a suitable shade, mix lukewarm distilled water and So Henna powder in a 1:1 ratio. The amount of the powder depends on the shade you want to achieve - the more powder, the more intense the colour will be.

The wide range of shades offered by So Henna are excellent for your variety of clients. Each shade is versatile in its intensity and perfectly compatible to be mixed with other shades in the So Henna range for your desired result. Once you've chosen, mix the distilled water in your So Henna powder mix in a 1:1 ratio and you're good to go. 

Mixing the henna powder has never been easier with our perfect Mixer Tool which will make your job not only easier, but it will break down the powder with the water to a perfect paste. You can read all about mixing henna brow power to the perfect consistency here.

TIP - A thicker consistency will result in a darker look and a longer lasting colour. A thinner consistency looks light and may fade quicker depending on skin type but will be easier to apply and control. 


So Henna Brow Tint Applied On Client's Eyebrow

Using the So Henna Angled Brush Number 3, apply a thick and even layer across the eyebrows. Press and tap the henna tint lightly into the eyebrow until the area you mapped is covered. Brushing the brow henna may leave streaks, so the patting method means your client will be left with even and full looking eyebrows.

Step 4  DRYING

Leave the henna on the eyebrows for 10-20 minutes, depending on the desired staining results. A light stain can be achieved within several minutest. A darker stain will be achieved if you leave the stain on even longer, pretty simple. Make sure you discuss with your client the intensity of the desired depth of the henna tint.


So Henna Brow Tint Removed Using Cotton Pad

Once you have decided to remove the semi-permanent stain from the eyebrow, use a damp cotton pad with a touch of So Henna Oil. Start from the head of the eyebrow working your way backwards. Remember to do this gently without rubbing the skin excessively. If your client has any stray hairs which need to be removed to get the best henna brow shape, use the gentle So Henna Brow Wax to get the desired shape. Do this after the treatment as you do not want any exposed pores or damage to the skin to come into contact with the henna powder.


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Apply a little So Henna Brow Oil once more to saturate the brows and promote brow health. Once you've completed the treatment give your client the following instructions to help maintain their beautiful new eyebrow look. For 24 hours after the treatment clients should be advised to avoid:

  1. Touching the area. After the facial scrub or waxing, pores may be open and prone to infection if they don't maintain cleanliness.
  2. Using saunas, hot tubs, swimming pools, sun beds or steam rooms.
  3. Perfumed products, such as cleansers or facial soaps.
  4. Applying makeup to the area, as this may cause infection - to cover any redness as a result of hair removal, suggest mineral powder rather than heavy liquid concealers.