How to Use a Clip On Phone Lens

Creating social media content as a Lash Technician can be difficult. After all, you may be a perfectionist when it comes to your lash sets, but creating content may not be in your wheelhouse. From lighting to high quality camera equipment and capturing the perfect shot, it can be a struggle and a fine line between content which stands out and content which is skipped. Using the Macro Clip on Phone Lens is the ideal gateway to professional quality photography and videos, so let’s talk you through some of the benefits of adding one to your lash kit.

The Macro Clip On Phone Lens

Available in Gold or Rose Gold, the Macro Clip On Phone Lens features a universal clip which is suitable for most modern smartphones and will turn any camera into professional quality capturing equipment. As a small compact accessory, the Clip On Lens is perfect for maximising space and turning your phone into a professional photography camera without the need of investing in expensive equipment. 

Macro Clip On Phone Lens In Rose Gold

The accessory features a 2-in-1 lens which detaches easily for access to wide angle or macro close up. The soft rubber clip makes sure that no scratches or marks are left on your phone when attaching or detaching the lens, so rest assured in the preservation and safety of your device. 


When capturing content it’s always best to have the perfect lighting to show off those beautiful eyelash sets and every crisp detail for amazing results. For those with minimal space or are mobile Lash Artists, our handy and small LED Light is the compatible choice for great lighting. 

GIF of LED Light by London Lash EU

But for Lash Techs looking to up their lighting game and have the most professional set up, Glamcor Beauty Lighting is the accessory for you. With adjustable lighting tones and a sturdy set up, Glamcor LED lighting will allow you to capture the most perfectly lit content and show off those stunning eyelash extensions to your followers. The wide range of lamps will fit any Lash Tech’s need, from a simple LED set up, to phone or tablet attachment arms, Glamcor has it all.

How To Capture The Perfect Shot

In our exclusive video below you can see exactly how to use the Macro Lens to benefit any content capturing to the max. With its easy attachment, your content will turn from blurry or shaky to smooth, crisp and clear imagery. Be mindful not to hold your phone too far away from the eyelashes, this may result in blurry videos or images, after all this lens is created to capture super crisp close up content to show off those stunning details. Practising a few times will turn you into a pro in no time.

For the perfect shot, you must be aware of some drawbacks, the Clip On Lens is not compatible with smartphones which feature a camera in the centre back of your device. For larger devices with three cameras a little adjustment is necessary to align the lens with the desired camera. 


The benefits of capturing crystal clear images and videos will turn your Instagram or any other social media platform from amateur into a professional looking studio. After all, what’s worse than using filters, adjusting the tones on images to get them to look nice and clear versus well lit, unedited and clear content? Growing your social media has never been easier, check out some of our tips on How to Grow Your Instagram in this blog post. 

Gold Clip On Phone Lens

With the Macro Clip On Phone Lens you’re a professional photographer at your fingertips, it’s just that simple. Make sure your phone is compatible and get ready to create crystal clear content without the need for any editing.