Add These Underrated Glue Accessories to Your Lash Kit

In the eyelash extensions world, most Lash Techs will know how frustrating it is to find their eyelash adhesive not working correctly just when they need it. In fact, when we discuss a lash extensions kit, we’re not only talking about the Eyelash Extensions themselves. A professional lash kit should encompass everything a Lash Tech will need to perform the perfect eyelash extensions, from lashes and tweezers to pretreatment and lash glue to name a few things. Of course, when it comes to glue, having the right tools and accessories is important, so let’s discuss some of the most underrated lash glue accessories you need in your kit.

Lash Glue

Before we begin, it’s important to remember that Lash Glue has a shelf life of six months from its DOP (Date of Production) which can be found printed on the bottom of the bottle and on the aluminium pouch that your glue arrives in. You should also note that it has an expiration date of 4-6 weeks after opening so always store your glue in an Airtight Container to keep it fresh and away from moisture.

Date of Production Printed on Lash Glue Bottle

Each eyelash glue will work best in slightly different room conditions, which is why they are always important to know and monitor. Our Glue Chart will show you the ideal conditions for each glue, so brush up on your knowledge and be sure that you’re using the right glue for you and your room conditions. To monitor your room conditions we always encourage you to have a Digital Hygrometer at hand, it will be your secret weapon in tackling any fluctuations.

If you’re someone who is new to lash glue, make sure you pick up a copy of our Ebook: The Ultimate Guide to Eyelash Extensions Glue so that you can become a pro in no time and have guidance throughout your lash extensions journey.


Lash Glue accessories are not just trinkets or collectables, sometimes they’re life savers and necessities. That’s right, some of these items will save the life-span of your adhesive and prolong its usefulness to save you money in the long run and from awkward situations where you run out of glue during busy periods.

Glue Rescue Kit -A sticky situation will arise during a lash treatment if your glue nozzle is clogged up and full of cured lash glue. It renders the glue unusable and with plenty of product left inside, the Glue Rescue Kit comes in handy to save you from opening a fresh glue and throwing away product. This little kit may seem like an afterthought, but trust us, in a situation like this, a pin to unblock your nozzle, or a spare nozzle can mean the difference between prolonging the use of your glue or having to dispose of perfectly good glue.

Lash Glue Rescue Kit from London Lash EU

Glue Nozzle Opener -There’s nothing worse than a clogged up nozzle, but this is where your Rescue Kit comes in handy! As it comes with a spare nozzle and a fresh glue lid, you can simply replace both and your glue is as good as new. But prying open a nozzle on a glue bottle can be a very messy job and in turn rather dangerous, especially if you’re mid lash treatment – you don’t want adhesive spilling over you or your clients. No more opening glue nozzles with scissors or a pair of tweezers; the Glue Nozzle Opener is the tool designed to make this job easier than ever before. With its ergonomic design and precise functionality, the nozzle opener ensures effortless and mess-free access to your adhesive containers. Say goodbye to frustrating spills and sticky fingers!

How to Use the Glue Nozzle Opener

Sunflower Cups -Have you been wishing to learn more about Volume Lashes? Perhaps you’re trying your hand at fanning techniques but those pesky fan bases keep opening up after you dip into the glue. We know, fanning lashes can be a tricky and frustrating skill to learn, so this is why the Sunflower Glue Cups are the perfect little accessory to mediate the issue of the lash bases opening up after dipping into your glue. Simply dip the fan base into the glue and slide the fan through the gaps of the cup - and voilà! If you do this, be sure to re-dip your fan (being careful not to take too much glue) – when we swipe glue off of the base of an extension, it will begin to polymerise, which means that we might have poor retention if the glue has cured too much to form a strong bond with the natural lash by the time we place it. 

Sunflowe Glue Cups for Lash Glue

Stickers for Glue Stones -Protecting your Jade or Agate Glue Stone is important. As glue cures over time, you want to be able to clean your stone so you can use it over and over again. A glue stone is the perfect surface to keep your glue cool and thus fresher for longer, but as the glue dries it’s tough to clean. Enter the perfect round Sticker for Glue Stones. The ideal quick fix to keep your stone clean while still getting the benefits from its cool, flat surface.

Agate Stone for Eyelash Glue

Glue Remover for Tweezers -Yes that’s right, glue accessories don’t end at the glue application itself. Removing glue from the tips of your tweezers is an essential part of keeping your tools functional and as good as new. With your Tweezers, it’s always important to keep them clean and sanitised for each client. Removing cured glue from tweezers can be a very tricky job, so our Glue Remover for Tweezers is the perfect solution, simply dip your tweezers in, watch it do its magic and wipe the tips dry with a Biodegradable Wipe.

Glue Remover for Tweezers

Cream Remover -Finally, but not least important, we can’t talk about glue and not mention our Cream Remover. Cream Eyelash Extensions Remover is the best and safest way to remove eyelash extensions and glue from clients’ lashes. For a full deep dive into Cream Remover, check out this blog post to learn about its amazing properties and safe practice. 

Cream Remover for Eyelash Extensions and Glue

Glue can be a tricky product to work with, which is why we have some of the best accessories and tools for you to add to your lash extensions kits. These helpful little additions are bound to make your job easier and quicker so you can spend more time focusing on what’s important – giving your clients beautiful lash extensions. To learn more about how to optimise and store your lash glue, go ahead and read this blog post next.