How Foam Lash Cleanser Makes Your Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

Having clients complaining about retention issues is never ideal. You’ve done a great job on a set of eyelash extensions, your client goes home, comes back for their infill in three weeks and their lashes look as though they've been gone for two months. Your client is unhappy and you wonder what happened in the time between the treatment and the infill?

It could be a simple issue, fixed quickly and easily. Foam Cleanser, or as we call it Lash Shampoo is one of our favourite miracle workers. Lash shampoo for lash extensions helps with retention and long lasting bonds between the lash extension, the glue and the natural lash. The lash foam shampoo reaches hard to see places, cleansing the area of any oils, residues from makeup, dirt and more. The clean eyelashes provide a surface without imperfections for the ideal bond between the extensions and the glue.

London Lash Foam Cleanser Lash Shampoo for Pretreatment and Aftercare

Why It Should Be Used

“Can you clean your lash extensions with baby shampoo?” No. 10 years ago this was the advice, but the fact of the matter is that baby shampoos may be formulated differently to regular shampoos and depending on their chemical makeup, it is possible they include natural oils, glycols and emollients, all things which lash extensions do not like. A lash shampoo for extensions is formulated to remove impurities (such as oils) while the baby shampoo may reintroduce them, leading to poor retention. Sure it will clean the surface of your lashes, but it will not create a perfect surface. 

Needless to say, removing unwanted dirt and oils from the lash line benefits everyone. Not only does it retain the health of the natural lashes, but it removes dead skin cells and bacteria which may build up in those hard to get to places with its antibacterial Tea Tree extract preventing infections and conditions like styes or blepharitis. So you could say it is helping your eye health too.

How To Use Lash Shampoo

The best lash shampoo will be useful not only as a pretreatment product but also as the perfect aftercare essential too. A little of the product goes a long way. Our Lash Shampoo Brushes are an excellent pairing to use for cleaning the lashes before and after treatment. These London Lash brushes guarantee a deep and gentle cleanse. The soft synthetic fibres encase themselves  360 degrees around the lash line – this is not just a surface clean. Let the bristles do the work as you massage the lash foam around the lash line. Clients can leave your salon with the perfect Lash Aftercare Duo to extend the retention and health of their lashes until their next appointment.

Versatile Uses of Lash Shampoo

Our lash shampoo for eyelash extensions is versatile. Don’t let the name of a product limit your use of it. The London Lash Shampoo is perfectly formulated as a pretreatment cleanser which means it is absolutely ideal to be used on the eyebrows too. As a perfect 2 in 1 you can save time and money on this product and double its uses. Using the cleaning brush, swirl the foam cleanser around the eyebrows and the effect will be identical. It cleans the oils, make up, dirt and impurities as it would around the lash line.

London Lash Foam Cleanser Used on Eyebrows for Pretreatment GIF


  • Advise your clients to use Lash Shampoo on their lashes every day, it will help with continued retention and their lashes will be squeaky clean for their next appointment.
  • Advise your clients to avoid beauty products such as micellar water or makeup remover wipes full of chemicals which eyelash extensions hate. Those chemicals can affect the retention of the glue and lead to early fallouts. 
  • Advise your clients to avoid contact with hot water for 24 hours, though if you finish off your lash sets with London Lash Superbonder, the eyelash glue will cure instantly, meaning your client doesn’t need to avoid water around their new lash extensions.
  • If using the foam cleanser on the eyebrows, using an eyebrow spoolie will provide a more thorough and deep clean removing those deep set imperfections.