Just because they're not as well known, doesn't mean they're not just as excellent as the products you always see on your social feeds! These products are some of the less well known in out collection, but are also some of our all time faves! 


Flexie – Our lash extensions glue with a 1 second drying time in a wide range of humidity levels. Perfect for Lash Techs who have unpredictable humidity levels in the winter months!

3D Premade Fans – Made from the same 0.07 Mayfair lashes that you know and love, these premade lash fans save you time and make you more money than creating fans by hand!

Gel Remover – no more struggling to remove those stubborn lashes during infills! Apply a tiny amount of glue remover with a microfibre brush, exactly where you want it!

3M Micropore Tape – Tape is an essential in any eyelash extension kit! Keep those eyepatches in place and tape back already covered lashes for easy access and better coverage.

Retention Duo – If you love Booster and you love Superbonder, you're in for a real treat! Buying them as a bundle saves you 30% compared to buying them both separately, and during Black Friday, you'll be saving even more...

... Plus some other things that are sure to become your go-to lash supplies!

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