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Why not to try our best selling henna brows colours? We are confident you will fall in love with our shades!


  • Perfect amount for a perfect price
  • Lasts up to 10 treatments
  • Resealable sachet
  • Each sachet contains 1g of So Henna powder
  • How to use

    Step 1: Perform pretreatment as you have been taught on your training.

    Step 2: Choose the So Henna Brow Henna colour suitable for your client (see colour chart here)

    Step 3: With the spatula (use wider side) take 1 spoonful of henna from the jar and put it in a glass dappen dish

    Step 4: Add distilled water with a dropper(approx 10 drops) and mix the solution until all particles are melted and you get a smooth consistency paste. For best and fastest mixing use So Henna Mixer

    TIP: You can play with the consistency from milky to creamy to achieve different results (from natural to strong stain).

    Step 5: Apply henna to brows. Leave on for 8-15 mins (depending on the desired results)

    Step 6: Remove with a damp cotton pad

    Step 7: Remove unnecessary hairs using the method you prefer (waxing, tweezing, threading)

    Step 8: Apply 1 drop of So Henna brow oil and comb the brows

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