Get to Know Hybrid Lashes and Which Lash Extensions You Should Use

We’ve recently covered which of our lash extensions can be used for Classic lash sets, and which lashes to use for different types of Volume lash sets. Now it’s time to cover a favourite of ours – Hybrid lashes. Read on to find out which lashes to put together to create the best hybrid lash sets, and just how diverse and versatile a treatment hybrid lashes can be.

Hybrid Lash Diagram from London Lash

What Are Hybrid Lashes?

Before we get into details about which lashes to pick, we should explain what hybrid lashes actually are.

Hybrid lashes, put simply, are a mixture of Classic lashes and Volume lashes. Typically, you see hybrid lash sets which have a 50/50 balance between classic lashes and volume, but you can do anything you want with a hybrid lash set and that is why they're so popular among lash enthusiasts and Lash Techs.

Just to give you an idea of which lashes you can use for hybrid lash sets, we’ve put three of our favourite hybrid pairings below for you, so that you have a good idea of which lashes to choose when you come to create your next hybrid lash set.

Hybrid Lash Set Examination Using Lash Mirror

Look 1: Keep it Simple

Generally speaking, when a client asks for hybrid lashes they’re thinking of the most common type, which is an even 50/50 split between classic lashes and volume lashes. To get the best results with this style, it’s best to use thicknesses which complement one another. 

Our recommendation is to use 0.07 lashes to create your volume fans, depending on how full of a look your client would like you could use 3D or 5D, for example. For the classic lashes, we’d recommend 0.15 which complement 0.07 beautifully in this type of set.

Look 2: Light and Fluffy

If your client is a fan of subtlety, a light hybrid set is a great option! Take 0.05 volume lashes and create smaller fans than you typically would with mega volume lashes, for example 5D fans. Mix these in with some 0.10 classic lashes for a lighter-than-air wispy finish. 

You can also read our blog post here on the perfect natural Hybrid lash set guide.

Look 3: Extra Texture

This is where things get interesting. You have a couple of options when it comes to volume fans for this version of hybrid lashes, you could either create your own fans by hand, or you can opt for some Easy Fanning Lashes, which already add a lot of texture by nature! 

Take 0.03 lashes and create some stunning mega volume fans. If you’re using Easy Fanning Lashes you’ll already see the beginnings of a textured look thanks to the mixture of lengths on each strip, but whatever you’re using you’re going to have lots of density in the lashes already.

For the classic lashes, take Flat Lashes in 0.20. Though these may be a thick option, they’re going to be a stunning balance with the 0.03 mega volume fans in your set! 

Textured Hybrid Lashes from London Lash

When it comes to hybrid lashes, the only thing limiting you is your own imagination, so why not get creative and see what kind of looks you can come up with? For added drama, why not add in some coloured lash extensions?