Let's Talk About Lash Extensions For Men

Lash Extensions Procedure

A lash extension treatment, to put it simply, is a semi-permanent procedure where synthetic faux mink or silk fibre individual lashes are applied strand by strand on natural lashes. The treatment uses semi-permanent glue carefully formulated so it does not damage or the natural lashes. A lash extension set enhances the client’s natural eyelashes depending on the style and look it can open up their eyes or give them a lifting look. 

Are Lash Extensions For Men? 

Self care is becoming a bigger industry universally. Gone are the days when male clients felt uncomfortable getting beauty treatments or products. While it is now very common to see men having their brows shaped and treated, one untapped area is still the eyelash extension procedure. While it is certainly increasing in demand, with eyelash extensions trends and education being largely tailored towards women, it can be tricky for our male clients to navigate all of the different lash maps and styles that are on offer. That’s why we’re here with the ultimate guide to eyelash extensions for male clients!

Self-care and Grooming

Men already enjoy eyebrow shaping and facial treatments as part of their self-care routines, so why not add eyelash extensions to the list too? After all, grooming a man’s hair or beard is just as much of a hair treatment as it is on the lashes too. There is nothing more satisfying to a man with a beard after they have a trim and clean up in a barbershop. Cleaning and grooming hair for men has become a huge industry with products specifically designed for different types of hair, eyebrows, beards and moustaches, all with the idea of keeping it clean and tidy. Well, meet the same level of self-care for eyelashes too! 

Men’s Lash Extensions

So why should men tempt themselves into getting lashes? Well, like anyone who likes beauty treatments for aesthetics, lash extensions on men can be a very bold and eye opening look, literally! Men typically have longer and thicker lashes, so working with what is already there, having lash extensions can further open up their eyes, create more depth by accentuating their natural lashes and give an overall more refreshed look to the face. 

Lash extensions can also be a morale booster. Having compliments on a new haircut or a tan after a vacation often feels nice and comforting. A Classic lash set can have the same effect. While the look may be subtle and not as obvious as a hair style change, the difference is noticeable and just as bold. Let’s face it, self care is important and doing something to treat yourself will feel uplifting regardless.

Lash Extensions on Male Model

Photo Credit: @loredanabeautician

Techniques and Tools

For male clients, a subtle and classic set goes a long way. Men often ask for a rather understated lash set to accentuate their eyes. We have included our Nude Lash Map to illustrate a perfectly natural look that highlights and opens up the eyes without creating a new shape. Working with what the client already has, the Nude Map simply elongates the lashes creating a lift. Using Classic individual Chelsea Silk Lashes in predominantly B and C curls will create a very smooth and gradual transition, ideal for the Nude Look. Using shorter lashes from 6-10mm again guarantees a more natural finish. If the client's lashes are long to begin with, simply build up from their natural lashes but make sure to keep your lash map uniform and cohesive. 

London Lash Nude Look Lash Map Suitable for Male Lash ExtensionsOverall lash extensions for men is a beauty trend that is becoming more common, and with that come more questions from a new demographic of clients. Understanding their needs and current knowledge of lash extension treatments will help you to help your clients. Working with your clients and offering the suitable treatment for them will go a long way to break down stereotypes and barriers when it comes to this up and coming trend.


  • No matter the gender of the client a pre-treatment for their lashes is always an important step to follow. It allows the natural lashes to be clean, primed and ready for the extensions and glue.

  • Using Crystal Bond Glue is a perfect alternative for those very subtle looks that our male clients might want. Crystal Bond is a clear lash glue which dries completely transparent,  therefore the lash line will not be as dark. This will achieve a more subtle and natural finish.

  • Some male clients may still like a full Volume Set. Their natural lashes may be short or they simply like the look of Volume lashes. It isn’t necessary to default to a Nude lash set. A full consultation with the client is important to understand their desired look.

  • Clients should be advised to follow an aftercare plan for their new lash extensions which can be added to their daily face care routine. Using the simple, but effective Lash Shampoo to clean the lashes is great for retention of the extensions and the health of the natural lashes.