Three Timesaving and Cost Effective Lash Treatment Hacks

Lash hacks can be lifesavers when it comes to saving you money and time. Lash technicians are aware that every treatment of lash extensions will different depending on the client and their needs – some clients may have more sensitivities than others, so recognising and accommodating those factors will save you a lot of time figuring out how to continue the treatment.

We’ve all been there, you consider yourself a problem solver but a situation arises which you’ve never dealt with before and you scramble for solutions and materials in order to fix it. So let us save you the time and give you three lash hacks in case you ever need them.

Eye Patches Can Fit Any Client

Not every client has the same face shape. A client may come in with deep-set eyes, and your next client can come in with bulbous eyes, it varies every single time. While Eye Patches are a product which fits most clients with ease, not every client is as lucky. For some, eye patches may feel uncomfortable, they don’t fit right or they dig in because their eyes may be too small.

The solution here is to cut the eye patches down to size. It’s quick and easy. Simply reshape the eye patch to fit the client and you’re all set, it won’t take away from the functionality of the eye patches, in fact it will benefit the treatment. The new shape will sit comfortably without causing any irritation and will prevent any lifting in the inner corners. Should you notice any issues with eye patch sizing on your client, this hack takes only a few seconds to take care of the problem. Check out some of our different shaping techniques below.

London Lash Eyepatches Hack for eyelash extensions

Microfoam Tape Is A Secret Hero

There are times when eye patches may not be best suited for your clients. You won’t always know this until the eyelash treatment has begun and you may need to come up with a solution really quickly. Eye patches have a gel layer, which acts like an adhesive to help the patch stay in the same position during the treatment. Some clients may be allergic to this gel of the eye patch. Using Microfoam Tape is your fast fix for this issue. The microfoam tape is perfect for cutting out the shape of a DIY eye patch, the tape is hypoallergenic and latex free, suitable for clients with sensitivities making it a cost effective and comfortable solution.

Microfoam tape is also an amazing alternative for other issues too. People with oily skin may not be the perfect clients for eye patches, so the microfoam tape will come in handy. Other clients may have bulbous eyes which stay open with regular eye patches. This is a big warning sign before you begin your treatment. You should always check that your client can close their eyes fully before you start using any lash glue.

Microfoam tape is thicker than eyepatches, so it will help to keep eyelash glue fumes away from the eyes. This is also ideal for clients with watery eyes and clients who enjoy talking during a treatment. Talking during lash extensions treatments can cause the eyes to flicker more than usual, thus allowing glue fumes into the eyes. As the microfoam is thicker, it takes a precautionary step to block the gap better than an eye patch would.

London Lash Microfoam 5m Tape for Lash Extensions and Beauty Treatments

Glue Nozzle Wipes Are More Versatile Than You Think

If you’re using eye patches on a client without any other issues and you begin to notice the client has watery eyes, this can affect your treatment almost immediately. As the lash glue does not cure completely for around 24 hours (unless you use Superbonder after the treatment is completed to cure the glue immediately) so if any lash glue comes into contact with the tears from watery eyes it could cause shock polymerisation, creating white crystals of glue which cures exceptionally fast.

In the case of watery eyes, using Glue Nozzle Wipes is super effective. They’re versatile in the fact that these biodegradable wipes can be useful elsewhere – don’t let their name limit your uses! Simply place the glue wipes in the outer corner of the eyes, and secure with a little tape, to catch any tears during the lashing process to prevent them from coming into contact with the lash extensions and fresh glue.

London Lash Glue Nozzle Wipes of Eyelash Extension Glues

So there you have it. Three quick, easy and cost effective hacks to help you in tricky situations when you need a fast solution! You’ll find that some of the products you purchase can be used in innovative ways and will help you in different and difficult situations, so it is always good to know a little trick to save you time to continue your treatments. After all, being a problem solver is a skill worth knowing!