Finding a Balance Between Business and Leisure

We've all been there, experiencing burnout from something you love doing does exist. Somedays you go through the motions of one more client, one more infill and a bit of admin work on top of that. It can become tedious and stressful.

Sometimes we get wrapped up in our work (there's no shame in describing yourself as a workaholic). Cramming every bit of work into one single day was never a 'big ask'. No client demand is too much so you find time to finish every little job on your list. But, this results in the need for time to relax and re-energise. Sleep is so important for your body to reboot, but work is always on the mind. Finding time to have some food and rehydrate becomes rare and then suddenly you have no energy and you're praying the next task doesn't come soon. Let's discuss some ways in which you can avoid this burnout.

Avoid Overbooking

This little tip is so easy to accomplish. You may find yourself booking in your regular clients, scheduling appointments for lash infills, and also bringing in new customers for their first lash extensions. But then it begins to pile up.

Suddenly, a regular client tries to make a last-minute booking with you, usually you have always said 'Yes' but it's okay to tell your client 'No' once in a while. Although it can be difficult to say 'No', especially to your regular clients, they are more likely to understand and appreciate your honestly. Knowing your quality and skills they are likely to wait for your next available appointment. This is a business after all.

If you're inundated with new clients looking to book because of your reputation, have a specific 'New Clients' waiting list. Simply take their contact information and work your way through the list when you have an opening on a first come, first serve basis.

London Lash Technician With Client during Lash Extensions Appointment

Schedule Your Day

A great idea for scheduling work and time for yourself is using a Google Calendar. It is efficient and will arrange your time perfectly, it is free and easy to use. Just connect it to your G-Mail (or any other E-Mail account) and simply block out the time you'll spend on each job, and don't forget to add your lunch breaks or admin work.

Using a Google Calendar will also display all your appointments neatly in one place. You can even colour-code them for different treatments so you know exactly how much time to spend on each client.

You are going to benefit so much from taking a lunch or coffee break than you may realise. Even a brief moment of time sitting up straight, stretching and giving your eyes and mind a rest will be super beneficial for your next appointment.

Don't substitute an energy drink or a coffee for full meals. Having a full nutritious lunch meal will not only nourish you, but it will give you energy and dopamine which your body needs, and deserves. Having treats like chocolate or an energy drink is also important, but don't make that the sole intake of your lunch break. Most importantly you should consume foods which will energise you to continue your day. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables full of natural sugars and hydrate throughout the day. Grab a Lash Baddie Tumbler so it will always remind you to drink water throughout your work day.

Take Some Time to Pamper Yourself

Last, but not least, give yourself some time for you. Have a pampering evening or weekend. Whether it's a simple face mask and a hot bath, or a full treatment in a salon, you deserve it.

Of course, there are simple things you can do to improve your mood and keep your mind sharp, including reading a book, watching a movie with a friend or partner, or taking a short stroll to clear your head.

Hiking to Relax in the Woodlands

All of these tips will help you to organise your days, as the saying goes: "Organised mind... Organised life!" Taking time to enjoy your days will in turn help you to enjoy your work too.