Lash Extension Retention & Speed Booster: How One Product Solves TWO Problems

For all Lash Technicians, new or experienced, you have more likely than not heard about our brilliant product - Booster. If you have never heard of, or even used Booster before you may be wondering what it is or what it does. Well, lucky for you, we're here with some answers on what this product does and why you should add it to your lash extensions kit.

How Does It Work?

Booster will increase the time retention of eyelash extensions by opening up the hair cuticles on the natural lash. This slight increase of surface area on the natural lash makes the lashes a little more rough and durable to hold on to the Eyelash Glue much better. Booster does this by being an alkaline pH product which encourages the cuticle to open up.

Looking at the natural lash hair under a microscope, you can see that instead of being completely smooth, it has 'scales' - by applying Booster, a product with alkaline pH, those scales open up ever so slightly. This does not damage the natural lashes, in fact it helps them to hold onto the lash extensions better, increasing the retention and allowing for the natural hair to continue its growth cycle without any issues.

Here's a little visual for an example:

london lash example diagram for Booster pretreatment for lash extensions

How Do You Use It? 

It's so simple. Following your Pretreatment routine during a lash treatment, you will continue doing what you usually do. After carefully cleaning and priming the lashes with Cleanser and Primer, you would apply Booster on a Microfibre Brush, dab the excess onto a tissue and then brush the Booster through the lashes. Apply the product root to tip, but it is best to focus on the area where the glue is going to bond to the natural lashes. 

A good little tip is that you can use Booster on the lash extension strips before you fan them, the Booster will help the lash extensions from closing up the fan after you've handmade it before you place it on the natural lash (never use Booster on strips of Premade Easy Fanning Lashes as they are bonded with glue and it can affect their bond - if you use Easy Fanning Lashes, simply use Booster on the natural lash as pretreatment).This happens if you dip your handmade fan a little too far into the glue, the Booster will help to avoid this.

Is It Cost Effective? 

A bottle of Booster (as of 2023) costs €26.40 but you will get more than 185 uses out of it. Each use costs around 14¢. When you consider that this product will increase the client's retention, it is worth the investment as they will notice the difference too. A happy client is a forever client.

It is worth noting that Booster has an 18 Month shelf life prior to being opened. Check the date of production printed on the bottom of the bottle. After opening Booster should be used within 3 months, so with all those lash extension procedures over the course of 3 months, you will get your money's worth.

London Lash Booster Pretreatment for Lash Extensions

Who Can Use It? 

This is a universal product for any client. But, be cautious if you're very new to lash extensions. Booster will absolutely help your technique and retention time, and it will prevent Volume Fans from closing, but it will also speed up your lash adhesive drying time. If you're still a beginner lash artist and need more time to correctly place lashes, be aware that Booster will speed up the glue's drying time, so it may be worth holding off using it for a little longer until you build up your confidence and skills.

Are There Any Times You Can’t Use It?

As noted, it is not recommended to use Booster with Easy Fanning Lashes. They are bonded with glue and the Booster can affect that glue bond. Fortunately for you, using Booster on the natural lash is enough. Easy Fanning Lashes are designed as such so that they do not close prematurely as a handmade Volume Fan might.

- So there you have it - a little deep dive into one of our most loved products! For the best results, use Booster as the 5th step in your Pretreatment routine, or at the very least after a good, thorough cleanse with Foam Cleanser - Booster cannot work without clean lashes, so ensuring your pretreatment prior to Booster in on point is essential!