Get to Know Retention & Speed Booster: How One Product Solves TWO Problems

If you follow us on social media or visit our website frequently (if this is your first time here, hi!) you’ll be hard pushed to have not noticed that we have a product called Booster. If you’ve never used Booster before you may be wondering what it is, what it does and why on earth we love it so much. Lucky for you, we’re here with answers to all of your burning booster based questions!

How Does It Work?

Booster increases your eyelash extensions retention time by opening up the hair cuticles a little bit, making the eyelashes rough and giving the glue more surface area to cling onto. It does this simply by having a slightly alkaline pH. 

When you look at a hair under a microscope, you’ll see that instead of being completely smooth, it has little ‘scales’ - by applying a product with an alkaline pH, those scales open up. This is a little bit like how treatments like Lash Lift work, as it opens up the hair cuticles enough to allow the products to penetrate the hairs and make their changes from within - with Booster the hair cuticles only open slightly so don’t allow anything into the hairs, but they still become more rough than they usually would be which is how the lash extensions glue is able to form a super strong bond with the hairs.

Here's a little visual of that:

How Do You Use It?

Booster is really easy to use - if you usually use Cleanser and Primer in your pretreatment routine you’re going to be doing the exact same thing. If you don’t use Cleanser and Primer yet, it’s worth thinking about adding them, but I digress. 

To apply Booster to the lashes, all you have to do is dispense a drop onto two microfibre brushes, dab the excess onto a tissue and then brush it through the lashes. You can apply it root to tip, but it’s best to focus on the glue bonding zone.

You can also use Booster on your strips of eyelash extensions if you find that you have trouble with your fans closing. If you’ve ever placed a perfect fan only to find that it snaps closed when you place it on the lashes, it will be a result of the glue travelling up the fan leg. Generally speaking, this happens most when you dip your fan in a little bit too far, so to begin with just make sure that’s not the case for you as well. 

To use Booster on your lashes, apply it to a microfibre brush and dab off the excess as if you’re applying it to the natural lashes - this ensures that you won’t oversaturate the lashes, resulting in them from coming unstuck from their strips. Once you’ve gotten rid of the excess, just brush it along the bases of the lashes and allow them to dry a bit before you begin fanning - drawing on your lash map is the ideal amount of time for this. 

Is It Cost Effective? 

A bottle of Booster will set you back 26.40€ but you get more than 185 uses out of it, so each use costs you only around 14¢. When you consider that this one product might be the difference between two weeks and 5 weeks of retention, it’s probably well worth the investment! 

Booster has an 18 month shelf life prior to opening (check the date of production printed on the bottom of the bottle) and 3 months after opening, so you’re more than likely to get your money’s worth out of it!  

Who Can Use It? 

Anyone can use it, but be cautious if you’re very new to lashing. Booster will absolutely help you with your retention times and will prevent volume fans from closing, but it will also speed up your glue’s drying time. If you’re not yet used to placing lashes or need some time to correct them before you let go then hold off on using Booster for a little while, just until your confidence improves and your glue starts to feel like it might be getting a little bit slow for you. 

Are There Any Times You Can’t Use It?

The only time you can’t use Booster is on easy fanning lashes, but the good news is that you don’t need to use them on easy fanning lashes, because they won’t close on you anyway, thanks to their shape. 

The reason you definitely don’t want to be using Booster on easy fanning lashes is because they have multiple layers of lashes on each strip which are held together by a little bit of glue - Booster and this glue aren’t very good friends with one another, and the Booster makes that glue go really stringy and tacky, making the lashes impossible to work with. 

So there you have it - a little deep dive into one of our most loved products! For best results, use Booster as the 5th step in your pretreatment routine, or at the very least after a good, thorough cleanse with Foam Cleanser - Booster cannot work without clean lashes, so ensuring your pretreatment prior to Booster in on point is essential!