What Is The Difference Between L Curls and M Curl Extensions?

Recently, many Lash Techs have been asking the difference between M Curl and L Curl eyelash extensions, so we are here to give you the lowdown on what to expect and what those differences are. As a professional Lash Artist it’s never a bad idea to stock up your lash extensions kit with multiple different curls so that you are ready for any situation and client needs. But, knowing how and when to use these lashes is just as important when purchasing them. So here are some tips on working with M and L lash curls.

Chelsea and Mayfair Eyelash Extensions from London Lash EU

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Before we get into these individual curls, it’s important to refresh your knowledge on the full range of curls available on the London Lash EU website. To help you with this, we have a dedicated blog post which you can read: A Deep Dive Into Lash Extension Curls.

This blog post goes through all the different curls stocked in our range, including which eyelash extensions are available in these curls and thicknesses. There are times when you may want to use a specific curl or thickness only available in one or two particular extension varieties, so it’s good to know before you make a decision.

L Curl

The L Curl lash selection is available in our Chelsea, Mayfair and Black Brown eyelash extensions collections. This particular curl comes in a wide range of thickness, perfect for a professional Lash Artist who enjoys having lots of choice in their available extensions. 

Featuring a distinct right-angle lift, particularly at the base, this curl is ideal for individuals with straight lashes or hooded eyelids. It delivers exceptional lift without the rounded curvature typically associated with traditional curls. When it comes to achieving Fox or Cat Eye lash styles, the L Curl instantly becomes a highly sought-after option. The right-angle lift at the base enhances the lashes, creating a striking and dramatic look. Despite its impressive lift, this curl maintains a more natural appearance compared to its counterpart, the Extreme L Curl.

Eyelash Extension Style Using L Curl Lashes

Photo Credit: @irina_londonlashpro

Compared to the M Curl, the L Curl lash extensions have a longer base which is perfect for drama and lift. The longer base of the curl is ideal for precision placement and will enhance the lift to any lash style, especially in the outer corners. Furthermore, compared to M Curl, this lash curl is available in Mayfair ‘Mink’ and Chelsea ‘Silk’ lashes. While these lashes are vegan and cruelty free, the names reference the finish of the extensions. Mayfair provides a rich, bold and shiny finish while Chelsea offers a more natural and semi-matte alternative.

M Curl

M Curl lash extensions have a more natural curl at the base of the extensions compared to L Curl lashes which have an angular base with a lifting swoop. M Curl avoids this by appearing more natural with its sweeping lift. While more extreme in lift, it serves as a stunning alternative to the L Curl, retaining a more natural appearance due to the curl at the base. This curl option is perfect for those seeking drama and boldness in their lash look. The M Curl, with its pronounced lift and pointed shape, excels at creating definition and achieving fiercely bold lash sets, particularly ideal for Cat Eye lash styles.

Available in our Mayfair range in both the Black Brown regular Black variety, this curl exhibits a shiny and bold finish. This means that you are able to create bold and dramatic lash looks as well as the softer, more subtle lash sets that Black Brown lashes create, as well as your choice of classic, hybrid, volume or mega volume. 

Lash Extensions Set Using M Curl Lashes

Just like L Curl, these extensions are vegan and cruelty free, meaning that the Mayfair ‘Mink’ name simply refers to the finish. The bold and shiny appearance of the M Curl is perfect for the daring and drama seeking clients who want a bold lash set with lift and framing of the eyes.

M VS L Curl Lash Extensions Infographic

What Is The Difference Between L Curl and Extreme L Curl?

This question has been answered in more depth in our introduction blog to the Extreme L Curl lashes, but to go over it quickly for you, Extreme L Curls are only available in our 0.07 Mayfair collection. It is one of the most popular thicknesses of eyelash extensions on the market, as it’s used to create volume fans from 2D to 5D and is very user friendly for those just starting out with volume. This extreme curl provides added drama, lift and a very bold and angular appearance. Compared to L Curl you can see in our infographic the very distinct and angular difference between the two. While L Curl features a more upward lift, Extreme L is pointed and sharp. 

L Curl VS Extreme L Curl Lashes Infographic

To further illustrate the differences in these curls, comparing L, Extreme L and M Curls, you can see the full spectrum of these options in our detailed infographic below. These differences make our collections versatile and unique. But remember, the Extreme L Curl is available in Mayfair ‘Mink’ and has a shiny finish, with L and M Curl lashes you have a wider range of available techniques and lash looks which you can achieve. Lastly, one thing that all of these curls have in common is that they are a great choice for Wet Look Lashes due to their dramatic angle making it so easy to create spikes with them.

M VS L VS Extreme L Curls Infographic

It never hurts to have the options of lash curls in your extensions kits. After all, you have free range to choose from different curls even on one lash set. Whether your client has different curls in their natural lashes, or you want to add an extra lift or drama to the outer corner of their lashes, having the option to do so with multiple extensions available at your disposal is always helpful and will make your client experience all the more satisfying.