Lash Mirror: The Hero You Didn't Know You Needed

Every Lash Artist has their own techniques and treatment habits when it comes to performing a full set of eyelash extensions. Sometimes though, inconsistencies are unavoidable due to the fact that every client who walks through your doors has different shaped eyes, different lash lengths and curl patterns and of course asks for different lash extension styles. Having the right tools in your lash extensions kit is one of the most important aspects of performing consistent and professional extensions, so let’s discuss one of the most often overlooked secret weapons for a Lash Tech – a Lash Mirror.

Lash Mirror for Lash Technicians

Lashing Without a Mirror

While this is of course something many Lash Technicians do, lashing without a mirror can be difficult for some Lash Techs and they may not necessarily realise why. For example, a client comes in with bulbous eyes, unable to fully close them during treatment. Or, perhaps their eyes are ever so slightly asymmetrical and you have to keep getting out of your chair to make sure your placement looks even from every angle – maybe you don’t check at all and just wonder why your sets never quite look even on some clients, or why you just can’t seem to apply a set free from gaps. These little problems, while avoidable, can become frustrating during a long lash extension procedure and ultimately end in an unsatisfactory lash set.  

Lashing With a Mirror

Having a Lash Mirror at your disposal allows you to check every single angle and detail of your meticulous work without ever leaving your chair. Referring back to the example of a client with bulbous eyes, a Lash Mirror will show you exactly how wide the gap of them not being able to close their eyes is. This will then allow you to mediate the issue, cut out the appropriate amount of thick Foam Tape and bridge the gap for a safe treatment and avoid any chemical burns from glue fume exposure.

Checking Client Eyes Using Lash Mirror

Furthermore, Lash Mirrors help with achieving absolute symmetry as you’re able to check your progress from different angles, meaning that you’re able to correct any mistakes or copy the same placement when lashing between each eye. A Lash Mirror allows you to check how even your top line is and if there are any leaning eyelash extensions, preventing gaps in your lash set. A different perspective from another angle allows us to spot differences much more easily than if we were to look at the eyelashes from only above. 


Mapping eyelashes is an important step of your treatment that we’ve discussed in detail in our blog post Why You Should Map Eyelash Extensions. You may be wondering how this is relevant to using a Lash Mirror. 

Once you have consulted with your client on their desired lash style and you’ve performed the perfect Pretreatment on their lashes, you’re finally ready to map. This is where your Mirror can come in handy. If your client has hooded eyelids or perhaps needs a little lift to expose all the eyelashes, using a little Eyelid Tape will lift the lid enough for you to use your Lash Mirror and check for any discrepancies in the direction of natural lash growth. During the mapping process you can make any adjustments if the client has lashes growing in different directions, you can spot these much more easily and decide to work in isolated layers, which you can read more about in this blog post. You’ll also be able to spot baby lashes which will help you to avoid stickies. A Lash Mirror during this planning stage is super helpful and will make your job ultimately much easier, and will help you to avoid any mistakes or surprises.

Final Checks Using Eyelash Mirror

So if you didn’t know before, or if you’d forgotten your trusty Lash Mirror at the bottom of your eyelash extensions kit, now is the perfect time to reunite. Using a Lash Mirror is not an extra added step to your routine, it will in fact save you from any surprise steps you will need to take if you hadn’t spotted those issues sooner.