It's Time To Celebrate National Lash Day In Style

National Lash Day is a day of celebration held annually on February 19, and each year this day is used as an opportunity to promote the importance of lash care, health and beauty. With the primary focus being on eyelash care, National Lash Day is the perfect occasion where lash lovers and their artists can come together to dispel any myths, misconceptions and educate themselves on how to correctly care for their eyelashes. This of course is not limited to just eyelash extensions alone, whether you’re into lash extensions, lash lifts or simply adore caring for your natural eyelashes, National Lash Day celebrates them all.

History of National Lash Day

We celebrate National Lash Day, an occasion conceived by House of Lashes in 2015, to honour and recognise the allure of both natural and artificial eyelashes, enhancing the charm of every visage.

The practice of styling and accentuating our lashes can be dated all the way back to Ancient Egypt in 4000 BC. This has since evolved, culminating in the birth of the first mascara in France in 1913, which was later popularised in the United States through Maybelline's innovative formula concocted by founder Thomas Williams, blending vaseline and coal. Celebrating National Lash Day is also a great way to encourage individuals to bestow extra attention upon their often overlooked eyelashes, embracing their allure with opulent and captivating lash enhancements. By making sure our lashes are healthy, they will continue to perform their natural duty of blocking dust, particles and debris from our eyes.

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What You Can Offer

On National Lash Day, remember that educating your clients is paramount. If you’re working with eyelash extensions, it’s important that you provide your clients with the correct aftercare advice for them to follow for better lash retention. Another great way you can encourage your clients to look after their lashes is by offering them an Aftercare Leaflet along with our Clean Lashes DUO (Lash Shampoo and a Cleansing Brush) to take home and cleanse their lashes daily. Not only are they going home with good advice, but our Lash Shampoo is formulated to thoroughly cleanse the eyelashes and promote natural lash health with its antibacterial tea tree extract to fight away any bacteria and infections.

Lash Shampoo for Cleansing Eyelashes

Of course that isn’t all. While aftercare is important, you can also make sure that you’re taking care of your clients’ natural lashes during your Pretreatment routine. If you want to step up your game and prime your clients’ lashes to perfection, you can read all about it in the Bare Minimum VS Ultimate Pretreatment Routine. Each step in our 5-Step Pretreatment bundle is essential for getting rid of any oils, dirt and bacteria to ensure your clients’ lashes are clean, primed and ready to bond with your Lash Glue for gorgeous, long-lasting results.

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Don’t forget to show off your process and results on your social media! Not only will this demonstrate that you’re an educated Lash Artist, but it will also give potential clients the impression that you’re skilled, caring and fully committed to the art of lash extensions and their eyelash health. If you want to take videos for your content showing each step of your Pretreatment routine, what better tool to use than a Clip On Phone Lens? You’ll be able to create the most clear and professional social media content out there!

Bringing awareness to your clients about lash health isn’t just about eyelash extensions. Eyelashes have a natural benefit of protecting our eyes from dust, oils and dirt obstructing our vision. Promote daily lash care, even if a client or viewer isn’t currently a lash extensions enthusiast. Using Lash Shampoo benefits everyone, not just those with extensions. So make sure your educational content is clear and it will reach far and wide to celebrate and bring awareness to National Lash Day.

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So go out there and get the ball rolling. The more knowledgeable Lash Artists that speak about this topic, get involved and educate their clientele, the better for the lash world as a whole. As leaders in eyelash education, we’re proud to stand by your side on National Lash Day and celebrate your successes as a Lash Technician in this industry.